5 Classic Foundation Furniture Pieces That Grow With You

When in front of a major re-decoration or refreshment in your home, almost all of us face one major problem: the budget we don’t have on disposal for buying all the trendy pieces of furniture we would love to see in our rooms. But while trendy furnishings are eye-appealing and excite you at the moment, they’re made more for those people who are prone to re-decorating their home more often than what we mere mortals consider normal. From my professional experience, those are mainly extremely rich people who can afford to change their furnishings as new trends come on the scene. For the rest of us, buying new furniture is more of an investment that needs careful consideration and planning upfront. Especially for certain pieces that like it or not, are going to grow old with us because they’re simply that essential.

So, which pieces of furniture deserve your utmost attention when buying? Answered by a professional interior designer, those would be the following.

The Bedroom Bed

You can’t claim that you have created an oasis in your bedroom if the bed you sleep on isn’t comfortable, eye-appealing and in accordance with the overall design. Because the bed is what first catches your attention when you enter the bedroom, it’s what makes the bedroom, right? So, choose something according to your sleeping habits: do you like to read before you fall asleep? Or maybe you like enjoying your breakfast in bed on weekends? In that case, go for a bed with an upholstered headboard. If you’re more into creating a very intimate atmosphere, get a high-end bed frame which you can decorate with bed curtains. Talk about a fairy-tale bed.

Living room sofa

The Living Room Sofa

This is a centre-piece furniture element in the living room on which you can do all kinds of different style changes which will help you alter the appearance of the room. The sofa is definitely one furniture element that grows old with the house or apartment or you, for that matter. So, make sure you choose something with a sturdy construction, made of high quality materials and most importantly, neutral colours to offer you versatility in future style changes.

Lounge chair

A Lounge Chair

If you go deep into this logic, you may come to the conclusion that an occasional chair isn’t that much of a necessity. However, if you’re looking to make your home modern and create sort of a sweet wine/coffee drinking spot specially for you, then a fancy lounge chair may come as a great choice. When it comes to the lounge chair, you also want to keep it in a neutral colour. This is because this piece of furniture often works on its own, like a separate sofa addition for instance. A classic black leather or a fiery-red one can perfectly blend in with any interior design.

The Dining Table

Although you may change the chairs eventually, there’s no need to change the table. The dining table should stay in a good shape for a long time and be able to go well with all kinds of chairs. So, you’d practically not go wrong with a beautifully weathered farmhouse table and some rustic style chairs, for example. A tip from experience: if you have the space, do not compromise on table length and size: go for a large one that can support more than 4 chairs so you won’t be limited when hosting dinners for the entire family or friend groups.


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