Practical & Pretty Baby Girl Gift Ideas

If someone you love has just had a baby girl, you’re probably thinking about the perfect gift to give them. Finding that special something to show just how happy you are for the arrival of their new baby is no easy task. I can say that from my own recent experience when I went shopping for a gift for Emma, my niece. However, that experience also gave me a lot of ideas about what to gift a baby girl.

Baby Clothes

Babies grow fast, which means they go through their baby clothes quickly. You may be tempted to purchase adorable and super tiny baby girl clothing, but hold yourself. Instead, go for bigger sizes, like 6-9 months and up. The mom will be glad to have something that is bigger for when her daughter grows a bit. You’ll also want to look for clothes that are comfortable, versatile, and of course stylish. While little bows and decorations can look adorable, consider how easily will be for the baby to rip these items from the clothes. Make sure these decorative features don’t pose any choking hazards.


You will certainly ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at the adorable baby clothes at stores, but keep in mind that so much of it is just fluff. Adorable stuff aside, there are some pieces of essential baby girl clothing that parents just cannot do without, such as bodysuits and rompers. Bodysuits are among the most important garments. They not only keep diapers in place, but they also prevent other clothing from rubbing against the baby’s delicate skin. Summer babies can even wear them alone as an outfit. Rompers are a great way to quickly dress up a newborn baby – no need to worry about matching tops and bottoms or clothes coming untucked. They come in a variety of styles – from denin coveralls to embroidered jumpsuits. Wondering where to buy the cutest baby girl clothes? Online shopping is a great and convenient way to find fashionable yet affordable little baby girl clothes. You can choose from a wide range of options all while lounging in the comfort of your sofa.

A Cozy Blanket

Every baby needs a special blanket, and the ones made with ultra-soft fabric and decorative designs make the perfect baby gift. You can also consider a customized name blanket. Parents put a lot of thought into their baby’s name and giving a personalized name blanket is a great way to show them they did a good job. There are tons of designs to choose from, and you can get a matching hat to make the present even more special.


Safe Bath Products

Useful for both the parent and the baby, a bath time set is a perfect gift to ensure a clean and happy baby. Bath sets often include safe and effective products that make bath time a breeze for both the baby and mum.

A Safe Toy

The best baby toys are all-natural, soft, squishy, fuzzy and designed for babies to grab on to and play with. They come in all sorts of designs, from blocks to animals to balls, and are the perfect addition for a newborn’s nursery. Toys that promote development are also a great choice such as rattles, activity balls and pop-up toys. They are not only fun but they also help babies exercise their sense of touch.


A Bedtime Book

Bedtime stories are one of those things that new parents will treasure forever. They will have beautiful memories of reading special books to their little ones before bed every night. My recommendation is the classic Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise-Brown. It’s the story of a sleepy rabbit saying good night to everything in his great green room. It is the perfect book to help parents put their little one to sleep in the nursery.

Plush Baby Mat

While science has proved that “you can’t hold your baby too much” your new-parent friend or family just won’t be able to hold their newborn baby all the time. So, give them a safe place to put their child down while they enjoy their meal or just take a short break. The right newborn baby mat will be super soft, grip the floor and will be machine washable for when the baby spits up.

Baby Food Processor Set

When you buy something for a baby you are buying something for the parents as well. A baby food processor set will be truly appreciated by all parties. Feeding your little one with ease, convenience and with as little mess as possible is a blessing every parent will enjoy. The parents will also love the idea that they can use the blender to whip up a two-person batch of garlic pesto as well as a carrot puree.