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Side Tables: Versatile Furniture Pieces Fit for Any Décor

Compared to furniture pieces with big impact, like the sofa, armchairs, and coffee table, the side tables are often viewed as an afterthought mostly because they’re smaller. But it shouldn’t be this way. Truth is, they’re quite the versatile pieces you can count on to transform your abode. So, next time you start a décor project, you may want to take side tables more seriously.

Available in a wide range of styles and designs, the options of side table Australia round stores and designers offer can be a match for anyone’s taste and home. It also helps that they can be made from a vast array of materials, including concrete site table, marble, reclaimed wood, metals and glass – all picks that can add some charm to the home’s decor scheme.

And due to the versatility, this type of furniture offers a great deal of flexibility, so don’t feel limited in planning to introduce it only in the living room area. Let your creativity guide you when spicing up the décor in the bedroom , hallway, kitchen and bathroom too! Here are some of the uses side tables can find in your home.

Display Piece

One of the treasures of my husband’s family is a hand-painted ceramic bowl with white and blue details. We’ve always wanted to find a special place for it to showcase its intricate beauty, and a side table seemed like the ideal spot. A black steel model in a square shape happened to work out best in the corner right next to the sofa as one of the classic foundation furniture elements.

Since there’s an armchair we’re using on the other side, I didn’t feel the need to implement two tables but it’s definitely an option if you’re after a harmonious look. When it comes to side tables Australia interior designers suggest having a pair of the same design on both sides of the sofa or bed in the bedroom to create symmetry. Plus, you can use them to display more of your treasures – could be china, a pair of ornaments dear to you, or even a book with hardcovers that are true work of art.

Bookcase Alternative

Speaking of books, in case you live in a smaller home where you don’t have enough space to store all of your books in the bookcase, or you don’t have any bookcase at all, you can use side tables as substitutes. Of course, for this you’d need a design that provides storage like one with shelving, and best of all is you’d have your favourite books right within reach.

And if you want to add a decorative touch, my suggestion is to stack books that have covers rich in colours to really make your mini-bookcase stand out. This is the perfect solution for the living room, bedroom and hallway. Don’t want to fill it up only with books, fearing it would be too monotonous? Add a planter with a succulent for a touch of greenery and it would do the trick!

Extra Storage

No matter whether you live in a spacious home or a tiny studio, truth is you can never have enough of extra storage. This calls for the addition of a side table that’s equipped with various drawers.

In case you still end up with one that’s got lots of shelving, you can hide your mess away by organising your belongings (e.g. remotes, magazines, reading glasses) in stylish baskets. I personally love the look of rattan baskets blended in white teak side table – such combination is the perfect match for various styles, from the charming Scandinavian style to Hamptons!

Beverage Serving Spot


Did you know that this furniture piece was originally used for serving tea and coffee? For this purpose, I prefer to use a side table than the coffee table, to be honest, because it’s closer to the sitting area and keeps your drinks at hand. In fact, you can even use side tables as your tiny bar, storing some glassware and alcohol bottles too, whatever you prefer.

Kitchen Element

I know, not your usual kitchen piece but having in mind there are side tables made from sturdy materials as I mentioned before, you have the chance to be as flexible as you can. Yes, even go as far as using a pair to store your groceries, fit a toaster, or the juicer for your healthy breakfast in a glass.

Bathroom Element

As surprising as it seems, a side table isn’t the elephant in the room when it comes to the bathroom either. It’s the perfect piece that can fill up an oddly empty space adding a dose of stylishness. It can also increase functionality by allowing you to add a tray with your toiletries. It can also serve as a place to rest a glass of wine if you like drinking as you soak in the bathtub. Or maybe you’d get to use it instead of a hanger where you drop off your clothes before a quick morning shower!