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Practical Baby Care Products a Parent Should Have

You know how everyone talks about that magical baby smell? Well, scientists managed to back it up with facts that each newborn truly has a unique and magical

Just the thought of this brings me back to the time when Matthew was a newborn. Oh, how I miss those days! Feeling nostalgic, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to all-things baby, or rather, the versatile baby care products that should be on a parent’s shopping list.

When you’re first preparing to welcome your bub home, you’ve got quite the list to begin with. From piling up on supplies like nappies, onesies, teethers, and wipes, to taking care of baby grooming with items like brushes (for hair and teeth), shampoo, body wash, ointments, nail clippers and tub. The list is extensive, to say the least. However, I assure you, you’d find the following ones necessary too thanks to how practical they are, and you’d agree with me on how great of an investment they are.

Swaddle Essentials

Since there’s not one size that fits all, there are different swaddling baby products online and brick-and-mortar stores offer. This includes swaddling blankets and those ingenious hip-healthy designs that transform into sleeping bags with removable sleeves made from outstanding fabrics like certified organic cotton and breathable bamboo, perfect for thermoregulation.

Now, I’m aware many parents associate them with straitjackets, but when you become aware of all the benefits swaddling provides, you’ll grow more in favour of it. For instance, did you know swaddling is soothing for babies because it mimics the womb? It helps recreate the warm and cosy environment inside mummy’s belly, making them feel safe and sound.

This being said, it shouldn’t be surprising swaddled babies are happier and safer from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) as well as the Moro reflex. Also, they can be of particular help with alleviating colic, i.e. prolonged crying and fussiness, providing relief both for baby and parents. We’ve tried it with Matthew and it really worked!Swaddle Essentials


Though not every baby is the same, most love having comforters around them. This especially becomes apparent around the sixth and eighth month, also known as the period when separation anxiety begins and they become aware of the objects around them, as well as object permanence. If you don’t want to spend sleepless nights, one after the other, because your baby is in need of comforting or loses the dummies throughout sleep, a sleepytot is the ideal solution.

Designed by a mother who was going through the same situation, such baby care products come in the form of toys with velcro paws that have dummies attached to them so your baby can easily reach them and find comfort. Machine washable, easy to use, with no loose parts, they’re recommended to be used from the seventh month onward. If you want to use them before that, do so with supervision, and make sure your bub isn’t swaddled.

Potty Training Essentials

We all want our children to be independent, and this is something that starts at a very early age, with things like using the toilet. Transitioning from diapers to toilet can be funny, messy (we went through situations of public mess once or twice with Matthew), and at times nerve-racking. And this is where the potty training supplies, like potty tabs, trainer seats, and training pants can be of great help.

Before you start using these products, it’s important to make sure your child is ready to give up the diaper. Some children are ready as early as the 18th month, others might take as long as turning three, so it’s necessary to be patient and slowly let them in on using the toilet. Show them how to use it, explain hygiene to them and the words they can use to let you know when they’re ready to go to the toilet. And most importantly have fun using the potty training baby supplies online specialised stores offer.potty training


We’ve discussed the benefits of aromatherapy and how it can benefit parenting with Eliza on the blog, but it’s good to mention it again. Experts recommend it for use with babies older than three or six months, and suggest it as a great solution for colic as it promotes calmness, especially when you choose essential oils like lavender.

If you don’t want to reap its benefits topically, applying the diluted oils on the child’s skin, you can always introduce a vaporiser or humidifier in the room. Some modern vaporisers and humidifiers are designed to work with ultrasonic technology which has its positive effects on sleep. There are even those models perfect for babies as they’re equipped with different colours, sounds, music tracks, as well as recorders so you can record your own voice. Talk about customisation!