Great Outdoor Space Setup Takes the Party Outside (And Morning Coffee Too)

Although I’m more of a quiet person, my hubby and I do like to entertain often. We love having friends over for a barbecue. This is why we designed our patio to suit our partying needs. Aside from table and other furniture, we invested in a good grill. And that worked for a while, but the impracticality of having to go in and out to bring cold drinks was starting to get on our nerves, so we decided to get a mini bar fridge. And not just one, but two – one for soft and alcoholic beverages and one for milk. Yes, we have a separate mini milk fridge. Why, you ask? We are coffee lovers. We love it any time of the day – morning, mid-day, afternoon, late in the evening…

Frappe is our favourite. We like ours with Frangelico (hazelnut liquor) and of course, chocolate syrup. I know, not as healthy as I would want it to be, but some sins can be good for you. So, having cold milk on hand was a must. For that reason, we got a mini milk fridge, designed specifically to store milk for use with an automatic coffee machine. Our coffee machine collects milk directly from the mini milk fridge, froths and dispenses it within a few seconds – convenience at its best.

Our mini milk fridge has a triple glass door to ensure extra coldness retention, 23 litre capacity and operates to keep milk under 4 degree Celsius (the perfect temperature for stable foam) in ambient temperatures up to 32 degree Celsius. A unique fan system inside circulates air for constant and even temperatures.

While many swear the best coffees are black, for us the milk enhances the flavour and colour of our coffee. I guess it is a matter of preference. Furthermore, having our evening coffee with milk doesn’t disrupt our sleep patterns as milk limits the coffee energy effect on our bodies.

While you might be thinking that an automatic coffee machine and a mini mild fridge is a bit too big an investment for home use, I can assure you that the money we’ve saved by not getting our coffee at the coffee shop will make up for the equipment in near future.

Whether you are a coffee lover who likes your regular caffeine hit or an entertainer who enjoys an after-dinner coffee, investing in a coffee machine and a mini milk fridge at home is sure a great idea. Hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours!