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Put Your Best Foot Forward: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes to Dress Your Feet in Style

So, you’ve found the perfect dress, booked the best venue, your guest list is ready, you’ve chosen the flower girls… but what about your wedding shoes? Picking the correct type of bridal shoes to go with your beautiful gown should also be at the top of your to-do list. After all, you will wear them for hours on end. And getting them right involves a lot more than simply matching them to your wedding gown. They should also be able to suit your bridal needs and requirements. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for wedding shoes.

Consider the Model: Heels vs Flats

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Whether you should go with heels or flats will be completely up to you. To help you in your decision, ask yourself these questions first: Are you comfortable wearing heels? Are you having a formal and traditional wedding or are you getting married on the beach? Ultimately, both can work, and while a pair of strappy heels looks amazing with a sexy, mermaid-shaped dress, a pair of bejewelled sandals can look just as beautiful in a combination with a sheath, Grecian-inspired or empire-waist style gown. And one last question: Are you up for classic white or something unique and dramatic like striking black to wear those lovely black wedding shoes you’ve been eyeing?

Add a Pop of Colour

Do brides have to wear white shoes? Not at all. There is no rule against brides straying from the traditional white or ivory wedding shoes. In fact, if you want to add a touch of colour to brighten up your bridal look a great way to do so is to incorporate a new colour with your shoes. The colour of your shoes can match the bridesmaids’ dresses or even your wedding colour scheme. If you want something very special, something to stand out, nothing beats a pair of black wedding shoes bride style.

There’re tons of options you can choose from to rock on your wedding day! Black velvet is a chic and trendy idea; you can opt for rock black velvet shoes or flats for a very elegant touch to your bridal look. Elegant black suede shoes with ankle bows are a great choice to spruce up your neutral bridal look.

Studded heels are another great idea to consider if you want to add a touch of rock to your look. For a more playful and girlish look, put on black lace or strappy heels. Designs with embellishments and embroidery can be the perfect match if you’re a glam bride. The great thing about black wedding shoes bride is that you may rock them to some parties afterwards. 

Decide on the Style

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The style of your wedding shoes should be influenced by the style of your dress, the length of your skirt, and whether or not you’re comfortable wearing heels all day. If your feet are visible when you wear your gown, then you must find shoes that work well with your outfit. This means finding a shoe that matches the style and proportions of your wedding dress. For example, if your dress is tea length, a pair of points or open-toe heels will match well. 

If you want a pair of shoes to perfectly match your dress, consider taking a swatch of your wedding dress fabric with you when you go shopping for your wedding shoes. In case you can’t find the exact colour to match your dress, consider matching the embellishment on your dress or jewellery with your shoes. Remember that you can always have your shoe custom made. You can also ask the wedding dress designer to give you extra fabric to cover your shoes. 

If your shoes can’t be seen, then you won’t have to worry if they perfectly match the colour or the lace on your dress or not. This means you’ll be able to pick a shoe that may be more practical and comfortable rather than having to wear something that perfectly matches your dress but is a pain to wear for a long period of time. 

Think of the Purpose

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If you have shorter legs, you should try to avoid shoes that have an ankle strap feature, especially if the strap is quite chunky. This is because this shoe style can make your legs look much shorter. A high heel of five to eight centimetres will always provide a little extra height.

Keep in mind that while it may be tempting to get towering heels to give you some extra height if you aren’t used to very high heels, your wedding day can end up spoiled by sore feet. On the other hand, if you’re tall and aren’t looking to increase your height, flats with beautiful embellishments can be a great option. If the idea of wearing flats doesn’t please you, you can opt for a small heel such as a kitten heel.

Once you find the perfect shoes that check all boxes, it will be time to break in them. Like with any other shoe you buy, your wedding shoe needs to be worn before the big day. While the thought of getting a spot on your pristine white satin might seem like a nightmare, you’ll regret keeping them in their box until the last minute before standing at the altar.

This doesn’t mean wearing them on every outing before the wedding. A great way to break in your wedding shoes without damaging them is to wear them in the house. Walking in the shoes for these short spurts of time will help them become bearable when it’s time to show them off.