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Teddy Bear Plush Toys: Why They’re My Favourite Choice

Though things seem to have been shifting in the right direction thanks to the sustainable trends, we’re still a consumerist society. With all the tricks of marketing companies use, it’s easy to get tempted into buying something you don’t need.

I used to be like this when it came to shopping baby stuff for Matthew; the process went from owning a pile of bottles and clothing pieces, to exaggerating with the toy purchases.

It took me some time (and a lot of convincing from my husband) that it was better to end this before it turned into an unhealthy habit, especially because I was cluttering our home.

Clearing out the mess I’ve created, I got to learn more about the different toys, their benefits and decided to be prudent with the toys and games I would let Matthew play with.

From the start, I knew I wasn’t going to let him become addicted to screen time at an early age, so I opted for plush toys instead because of how beneficial they are. Much to my pleasant surprise, they happen to be Matthew’s favourite too, particularly teddy bear plush toys
.teddy bear plush

Having donated some of the other toys I initially forgot myself buying, there’s enough room to treat Matthew to some teddy every once in a while. I make sure the teddies he has are made from lovely soft fabrics and are filled with 100% cotton inside.

It’s always such a joy to watch him play with them, hug them and talk to them. This brings me to the benefits of teddy bear plush toys. Unlike other toys, the plush provide comfort which makes them beloved friends rather than toys.

There are days when my son carries there everywhere with him, has meals with them, sleeps with them as they’re always there to help in case of some bad dream and then knows he also has to bathe them from time to time.

This way he knows why chores are important, how to take care of them and always has a familiar friend by his side, learning how to be independent instead of running off to our bedroom all the time when he’s afraid.

Likewise, it gives kids a confidence boost as they can take care of someone else when playing with stuffed toys, acting out what they learn from parents, playing roles, and enhancing their social skills.

If you have any luck as I do, you’d get invited to take part of those plays. Even when I’m busy with work, cleaning or cooking, I never refuse a special invitation like that. He gets to expand his vocabulary bit by bit while having fun, I get to spend time with him, what could be better?