How Can Fun Kids’ Room Accessories Make for Happy Kids & Mommy

Our kids are a reflection of what we have or have not taught them, and they show the world every day what kind of people their parents are. Just like me, both my sons have very strong opinions regarding the music they like to listen to, the clothes they like to wear, the food they like to eat, and even how they like their bedroom’s décor. They can tell you confidently their like and dislikes.

Lately, they have been making specific requests regarding their space. Pirate ship and race car beds are some of the things on their list, but I personally don’t like themed bedrooms. I would like to include interest in their bedroom design, but without overdoing it, mostly because kids’ interests tend to change quite frequently.

When I asked my friend Jade, (who is an interior designer) what her suggestions for adding fun to the kids’ room décor are, she recommended interesting kids room accessories. She said that just like adding a few unexpected accessories to a room keeps it from becoming too fussy or predictable, the same holds true for children’s spaces. Here are some of the kids room accessories she suggested.

A Star Pinboard


This funky pinboard can be a great way to motivate kids to do their homework. What I like the most about it is that it is available in 8 colours and come with 3M hanging strips for easy installment. I am planning to get a green star pinboard for Ethan and a blue one for Noah.

A Lummel Seat


The boys will surely love having this playful chair in their room. They will be able to play, climb, relax and let their imagination run wild with this chair. The Lummel chair is designed to encourage the movement and creativity of our children and has enough style to be used for adult spaces as well. This means they will be able to use their chairs for years to come.

Sprocket Lummi Lights


This light set makes me think of a special rocket taking off to the moon and back – a perfect boy’s room night light. It can be hung as illustrated or used to fill a vase. We can use it to decorate our Christmas tree too.

Jungle Quilt Set


This quilt cover may be just what the kids need to embark on a journey through the wild jungle, where cheeky leopards lurk behind the luscious greenery.

A Hopscotch Rug


This rug can add just the right amount of fun to any kids bedroom. Plus, it can provide the perfect game on a bad weather day.