Closet Talk: Types of Shoes a Woman Should Have

Women and shoes have always had a love story men just never get. The plain and simple reason behind this has to do with the fact we love how shoes make us feel, besides easily transforming our looks. As a woman, I like to come up with a variety of outfits though I don’t always like to splurge on clothes.

The best way to work with what I’ve already got in my wardrobe is either with accessories, or with footwear. I don’t have as many shoe pairs as I’d love to own, but I can finally say I like the ones I have. This isn’t to say I haven’t made mistakes over the years when compiling my shoe collection.

Now that I know better, I learned you have to be a wise shopper when you come across the range of stylish shoes for woman that also amaze with their craftsmanship. After committing more trial and error than I’d like to admit, the secret to my incredible shoe closet is focusing on always acquiring the must-haves.

It’s tempting to give in to the latest trends at times, but choosing the basics is what will help you make up a closet that’s really trend-proof! Here are some of the classics every woman should have in her collection, beyond flip flops, sneakers and ballet flats.

The Staple Black Leather Pumps

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When it comes to clothes, a woman knows her LBD, aka little black dress is simply a staple. Well, that’s exactly what black pumps are when we consider footwear essentials. Come what may, despite the various trends that come and go, the pumps remain unchanged in their timeless class.

Regardless whether you want them for the office, or your casual rendezvous, pumps in classic shapes and cuts are the types of shoes for woman that can elevate the look of any outfit. No matter your age, or your clothing, you can effortlessly incorporate them; that’s the beauty of them, they look amazing with casual jeans and hoodie ensembles as much as they do with delicate lace dresses, dress pants, and blazers.

Now, the reason I added “leather” has to do with the fact it’s a staple of its own when we think of material essentials. Unlike synthetic materials, it offers the ideal inner climate perfect for all-day wear.

In case you want to enlarge your pump collection, instead of opting for different materials, my suggestion is to choose different colours to diversify your outfits. Besides black, other classics include nude and metallic pumps, as well as unique picks in the example of stilettos with diamond rhinestones and studs to seamlessly dress up any outfit you imagine. Match them with fashionable sling bags, or other types of bags, of the same details and you’ve got a killer outfit!

Various Types of Sandals

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You probably have outfits you love to wear with your flip flops – don’t worry, I’m not judging, I do too! The key to boosting their style is to drop the flops and incorporate sandals. You have a vast array of options here: from the sexy and luxe ankle strap sandals with stiletto heels, to the super comfy flat sandals.

Depending on where and when you intend to wear them, I’d suggest acquiring a pair of both because the first are ideal for the sophisticated outfits for date nights, weddings, and special parties, whereas the latter are suitable for a range of casual scenarios – in the likes of trips to the shopping mall or grocery store, exploring beachy destinations, or walks with your dog.

For that Cinderella-like result that grabs the attention wherever you appear, transparent models are the way to go. In case you don’t like wearing designs with high heels for whatever reason, you’ve got the chance to style up your outfits with formal low-heel pair of slides or a pair of fancier mules. You can thank me later for this comfortable tip!

Various Types of Boots

Source: travelandleisure.com

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who had the wrong impression about boots: that they’re only meant as footwear for the cold months. Thankfully, now I know better than to avoid these amazing shoes for woman once spring and summer days arrive. What I love about them, well besides their incredible versatility, is how chic of an edge they provide for the clothing, both the casual and the formal ensembles.

And don’t even get me started on their comfort… the kind you want to wear every day. This is especially true for those with comfortable padded insoles, slip resistant soles, and breathable environment. When I think of these properties, I can’t help but imagine all the cowboy boots that have certainly retained their status of trendy over the decades – both the knee-high models and the ankle designs.

They immediately add that rugged flair to any outfit, be it girly maxi summer and winter dresses, or midi plated skirts, as well as daisy dukes and short skirts. Not to mention, classic comfort outfits like those consisting of mum jeans, and the popular sweatpants that became a staple especially in the COVID-19 driven world are also a nice match for this footwear.

The other type of boot that has received that must-have status is of course the Chelsea, but if you like to keep up with latest trends, you might want to add a pair of combat boots in your closet too. What’s so special about them is they’re easy to style up, both with casual and dressier attires, like silk dresses – the recipe for success a-la fashion girls.