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A Word on Pampering: Don’t Forget to Treat Your V!

When we think of pampering, most of us consider it to be something expensive, like visiting the local spas, getting treatments and the like. I can tell because I used to have that opinion when I was younger and single, but not having the budget enough to visit the spa as often as wanted or getting all the treatments that rejuvenate, led me to the meaningful pampering at home.

Funny enough, it started from the simple introduction of natural feminine care in my life when I was looking for a better alternative to synthetic hygiene pads so I might as well say vagina pampering is what paved the way to taking pampering and organic products seriously.

Natural feminine care

Though not as life-threatening as tampons, the chemicals present in synthetic hygiene pads were affecting my skin badly, leading to rashes after every period that took a lot of ointment treatments to get rid of afterwards which is the reason that made me switch to certified organic cotton biodegradable and compostable pads designed for comfort.

This small shift improved my well-being; Cramps aside, I no longer have to fret that time of the month for the unpleasant skin issues. Not having enough time throughout the day thanks to the busy schedule of a wife and mum makes me consider opting for making another change, natural feminine care related: organic menstrual cups.

From what I’ve heard from a friend of mine who uses them, they are easy to use, can be emptied once in 12 hours, there isn’t particular science behind keeping them clean after every period, and can be reused time and time again so they are the perfect cost-efficient option too.

Speaking of cotton, as much as my husband loves seeing me walk proudly around in lingerie feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model, I decided to give synthetic fabrics a break (except for the special occasions!) and opted for cotton undies instead. They’re airy, the outcome is dry and clean, and all I can say is WHAT A RELIEF!

Though it’s natural for the vag to clean itself, a bit of extra care doesn’t hurt either however it’s important to mind that thing called pH because it’s easy to disrupt the natural pH balance and invite vaginal issues. Since the vaginal area is sensitive, it’s advisable to clean the labia gently with pH balancing soaps and hygiene products once per day.

A little pampering goes a long way, especially when it guarantees health and well-being are taken care of. Make time for yourself and treat your V!