Door Mats: Tailor Your Welcome to Dazzle Your Guests

Besides preventing mud to get inside the house, a door mat is also an easy, quick and inexpensive way to give a warm and welcoming feel to your doorway. Any entrance with a colourful door mat or one with a chic and trendy design will make your outdoor space look more inviting.

So, if your door mat is in a bad condition or you don’t have one at all, don’t wait until your floor is all covered with mud or your white carpet literally becomes brown because the kids didn’t have a decent door mat to wipe their feet. Grab a cup of coffee and keep reading my tips to help you find a durable, functional, and welcoming one for your home.

The Right Size

Door mats come in a range of different sizes and selecting the right one plays a great role in the way your patio looks like. Remember, a rug that is too big or too small can appear sloppy in the entrance of your house. So, look for something wide and large enough for other people to notice and use it – but make sure it still looks nice. Picking a door mat that is too small won’t be much functional and of good use, so yes, size matters.

Selecting a Shape

Just like the right size door mat can affect the appearance of your home exterior, the right shape can too. I personally think that rectangular models are your best choice. In addition, in order to provide enough coverage, these tend to fit better in high traffic areas and can complement any home entrance.

The Material

There is a number of materials you can choose from – rubber, cotton and plastic being the most common ones. An important factor to consider here is whether the mat has slip resistant features or not. This is important because a slippery mat can easily be the cause for an accident.

Colour and Style

Since door mats are available in various shapes and styles, when shopping for one you will come across numerous colours and styles. Some of them may match different seasons and others may come in more conservative designs. Consider the overall style of your outdoor space and choose accordingly.

Easy Maintenance

Another great benefit of door mats is the fact that they’re quite easy to maintain. Just shake them off occasionally to remove dust, or vacuum them for better results.