a girl and a man working on a modern white standing desks

Combat the Sitting Disease: Get a Sit to Stand Desk

I don’t think I’ve ever shared here on the blog how I came to like the idea of writing. So, here it goes. My father, whom I love dearly, has been into writing most of his life, creating short children’s stories for illustrated books at his leisure time. And since I’m a daddy’s girl I was always amazed by anything he was doing.

As I was reading his stories constantly, in addition to many books, I too developed a talent for storytelling. So, eventually, I realised I can put this talent to good use with blogging. And that’s how this whole thing started years ago when Jade and I joined forces.

What’s so great with writing is that the more you write, the better you become and the more you want to include it in your life. Since his retirement, my father has plenty of time to focus on his favourite hobby. Being a bookworm can be of help with preserving memory in older age, so I’m glad he keeps himself busy.

However, I can’t deny I’ve been worried as of late, thinking what all that time spent writing does to his back, especially the lower back where older people tend to commonly experience pain. I was also worried about his blood circulation as he spends a great deal of time sitting behind the desk.

an old man with back pain
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After some research, I figured that the best solution was to make his desk sit to stand convertible. This way he can shift from sitting to standing while being immersed in his writing. I’m sure you’d agree it was a much better solution than nagging him to write less.

Since he was too fond of his old desk, and couldn’t imagine getting rid of it, I had to look for the best of both worlds – a sit stand design that could fit on top of his desk which is how he ended up with the MaxiShift-E workstation. Lowered and raised at the push of a button, equipped with adjustable keyboard tray, suiting any height and screen positioning, I can truly say such a desk sit to stand modification offers utmost comfort and convenience.

a girl and a man working on a modern white standing desks
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Is a sit/stand desk worth it?

I asked my father the exact same question, and his answer was yes with a big smile. Having a sit to stand desk provides the user with flexibility, as you can take breaks from both sitting and standing knowing they’re both bad when exaggerated. Moderation is key which is just what such a design offers.

Considering we all have different tastes and needs, there’s a wide range of desks to choose from meaning you can count on versatility. This includes versatility in terms of prices, materials, colours, finishes, features and sizes. If one design doesn’t work for you, don’t give up as you can easily find another, even if it’s not a whole desk but a workstation that can fit on top of your existing one.

What are the benefits of a sit/stand desk?

By now, it’s become common knowledge that sitting is the new smoking. Sadly, with the situation we found ourselves in with the pandemic in 2020, many people don’t have the chance to stay active as often as before. My father, who enjoyed his walks around the park with my mother, suddenly found himself even more sedentary than ever before.

Thanks to his modified desk he can now reap the benefits of standing. Having the chance to alternate between spending time on a chair and being on his feet has allowed him to improve his posture, take a little break and stretch out when writing – perfect for staying active when he’s at home.

In fact, he likes the workstation so much that he claims it’s responsible for his boost in creativity. I’m not that surprised knowing there have been various studies to prove the connection between such desks and an increase in productivity  and concentration.

Literally, he’s thinking on his feet! Additionally, he’s also noticed positive changes with his energy levels. And according to my mother, there’s even a positive change with his waistline considering working while standing burns more calories. I’m not saying it’s helped him lose a significant amount of weight alone, but in a combination with his balanced diet, vegan protein powder to balance the cholesterol levels, and some green tea, it sure makes a difference.

man in office using a standing desk
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How to choose your sit/stand desk?

Since there’s a vast array of options of fancy and functional sit-stand desks as I already mentioned, you can make shopping easier for you by taking the following tips into consideration.

Size – I know you’re paying attention to the price and style initially (I was too!) but you shouldn’t overlook size either. Be sure to measure up the space where you intend to use the desk so you choose the right one. Also, measure up whether your door is big enough to fit an already assembled design. A desk that can be easily disassembled can be of help too if you ever need to relocate as it makes for hassle-free moving.

In addition, don’t forget to focus on the width of the desk. If you need more than the surface available for a laptop, because of all the stationery and paperwork you need to use, then look for a desk with a wider surface space.

Height – One height doesn’t fit all, which is why there are various height ranges available. It’s important to take your own height into account and make sure that when you’re using the desk your forearms are at a 90-degree angle. In case you’re going to use the desk with someone else, you might require a design with a bigger height range to suit you both. A high-adjustable model can solve all of these problems.

Features – Do you want a desk that’s adjustable with a button or you don’t mind raising and lowering by hand yourself? Answering this would let you decide on the features you find most essential, along with whether or not you require custom cable duct holes, overheat protection, and keyboard tray adjustability.