Shoes Can Change Your Life: Choose Carefully, Choose Comfort

Isn’t it funny how some of us are so used to discomfort we don’t even mind it? Trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings I would just keep my thoughts to myself and be friendly no matter the situation, I might as well say it became a habit to feel discomfort.

It reached to the point where my discomfort got to a high level; my uncomfortable high heels started causing problems, more than before because of wearing them all the time, from the constant pain in the ankles and knees, the pressure on the ball of my feet, the poor posture that was already bad from sitting hours on end at home and at work, not to mention the annoying blisters that wouldn’t heal for days.

That was the point where I knew I couldn’t tolerate discomfort any longer, that and the fear of getting bunyons, so basically my personality change happened with the introduction of womens ankle boots in my life. I was in love with high heels and had the impression flat shoes weren’t as stylish, but as soon as I started looking through the wide range of boots, I realised I was wrong all along.

I was able to find ergonomic boots that are perfect for reducing fatigue thanks to the ergonomically engineered toe spring and look as great as they feel. Now I know comfort can be stylish thanks to my pair of Blundstone boots. The comfort is also reinforced by the contoured footbed, plus the midsole is made from polyurethane so I don’t have to worry about microbes or odours.

Wearing them time and time again (it’s easy to consider them as favourites!) I came to the conclusion I’ve been wrong about womens ankle boots in another aspect too; I used to think of them as the shoes meant for the colder days of the year instead of the year-round footwear they are.

Guess what, I now wear them at work, I wear them when I’m out and about, pairing them with casual outfits (e.g. T-shirt and leggings) as much as with formal (blazers, pants and skirts), and best of all is my discomfort problems are long gone.

They’re great for my feet, they don’t injure me, I have the support I need that helps me keep my posture right, and they’ve even improved my blood circulation so I don’t have the sight and feeling of swollen and tired feet – I’ve got every reason to love them. It’s as if every step becomes lighter!

They’ve also helped me get rid of my silence when I feel like I should speak up and defend myself; it’s safe to say they’ve improved my life in more ways, something I never saw coming.