Body Care Products: A Treat for You and Your Bathroom!

I love sincerity, it’s a trait I’ve always admired in people. One of the basic examples of this for me would be living up to your own age. Sincerity starts from yourself!

I know not many of us are looking forward to getting old, but it’s always worthy of praise when I see someone loving their age, feeling great in their own skin; you can see they actually enjoy the process of ageing.

I’m not saying I’ve always been fine with the thought of wrinkly faces and grey hair yet over the years I’ve learned a fine line here and there and a grey hair or two are nothing to fear. Yes, I am not afraid of ageing!

Don’t get me wrong, it also doesn’t mean I’ve let myself go and given up trying to look youthful, on the contrary, I try to keep the glow and still very much care about what I eat, drink, how much I exercise, and in particular, the body care products I use.

When you’re on your own, no family, you have plenty of time for pampering, but as soon as you start a family, priorities change. Instead of giving up pampering altogether, I’ve found a way to treat my body, skin, and hair with the right bath products.

Sometimes it’s the great start of the day, other times I call it a day with a soothing bath, it depends on the mood I’m in and whether the boys have behaved well. My latest obsession from the variety of body care products are the bath tea infusions.

Long known for their aromatherapy benefits, these infusions are helpful with relaxation as much as they are with soothing aches, treating skin conditions, and stimulating circulation, so I get my daily dose of aromatherapy packed up in a warm bath.

I know many mums find it impossible to squeeze in relaxation, however, the secret is even ten minutes with this infusion bath can be enough. After the bath, I make sure to apply moisturisers, and I never go to bed with makeup on.

As for the hair, replenishing conditioners and revitalising shampoos are a must, especially in summer. Thanks to this care, I don’t have the necessity to rush to the hairdresser’s every month and my hair glow looks about the same as when I was pregnant.

The bonus of this is I get to transform the bathroom easily as well thanks to the different shapes and colours of soaps, and the bottles of body washes, and shampoos. Apart from the help with the youthful look bath products turn out to be multi-purpose too, and they are affordable!