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Amp Up Your Hotness: How to Get Your Sexy Back

Many of us have forgotten how great it is to feel sexy. With work, childcare and pandemic-related stress, the last thing many of us are worrying about is feeling appealing, exciting or interesting, and it’s understandable. While I’m not here to blame you if sexiness isn’t at the top of your mind right now, I want you to remember that feeling sexy is an important part of yourself that you’ve been missing or needing. Feeling sexy can benefit your sex life and can also help you feel more confident and connected to yourself.

It’s important to understand that feeling sexy isn’t necessarily about having a perfect body or a face that looks like a Victoria’s Secret model. And while sexiness does come more naturally to some women than others, it’s something you can achieve with some practice. Here are some great tips for getting started.

Get Yourself Some Sexy Lingerie

And get it for yourself! Many women buy ladies sexy lingerie to wear in front of their partners, without realizing their bodies aren’t made just for parading in front of other people. Great if that makes you feel good, but you should also get used to dressing for yourself and feeling good about it.

If you don’t feel comfortable going to a store, consider shopping for ladies sexy lingerie online. But measure yourself properly first to get the size right and then pick out styles that suit you and whatever you’re in the mood for. You can go for something classy and sexy to wear under your clothes on a normal day, or go for something fun you can relax around the house in while enjoying a glass of wine.

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Why is lingerie sexy, you may ask? Well, one logical reason for that is no one is supposed to see what lies beneath your clothes, which makes lingerie a naughty secret that is revealed only to those who are given the privilege to see it. When it comes to how to wear sexy lingerie, pairing it with a good pair of heels can do wonders for your confidence and appearance. There are great reasons why heels are one of the types of shoes women should have in their closets. High heels can help elongate your legs and encourage you to walk with your head high and your shoulders back. Make sure your heels complement your sexy lingerie and are comfortable enough to wald in effortlessly.

Start Exercising

Many see exercising as a way of maintaining their body. How many times have we heard people saying ” I had carbs today, so I must burn them off”, or “If I skip work out today, I’ll gain weight”. However, exercise is beneficial in a lot more ways than weight loss and muscle growth.

For one, exercise helps release endorphins, which are the hormones that make us feel good. You probably won’t feel sexy while you’re sweating out at the gym, but the feeling afterwards will be surprisingly good.

Working out for your mental health and positivity and not as a form of punishment will help you tune in to your inner sexuality. You’ll feel really great taking some time to yourself and focusing on what makes you feel good. It will make you love and respect yourself more, leading to you feeling sexy again.

And not to mention, some forms of exercise like Zumba and yoga are especially good in helping you get in tune with your body and sexuality. So, get out there and get moving!

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Put on Some Makeup

Studies have reported that wearing makeup can help women feel more positive about themselves. Makeup gives women a confidence boost by making them feel more physically attractive, increasing the feelings of self-esteem, attitude and personality. From lipstick to liner and blush, so many products exist to elevate how you feel about yourself.

When choosing your makeup products, be aware that many of the cosmetics available on the market today consist of a variety of chemicals. These chemicals function as thickeners, colouring, emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances and pH stabilizers. For this reason, you should consider getting clean makeup.

Clean beauty means the product consists of only natural ingredients rather than synthetic ones. These ingredients can range from natural oils that moisturize your skin giving it a healthy glow to fruits, vegetables and honey that nourish the skin with a boost of vitamins, giving it a natural radiance.

When it comes to how to distinguish clean beauty products from toxic ones, transparent labels are what you should look for. When a beauty brand makes an effort to list all of its ingredients and label accordingly, it’s on the right path to clean beauty.

Know that not all brands are transparent. A good example of a lack of transparency in the beauty industry is the inclusion of fragrance. Fragrance is not an ingredient, and thanks to the hight unregulated industry, many companies use the term “fragrance” to hide ingredients that aren’t “clean”. Simply said, real clean makeup doesn’t contain mystery ingredients or claim to be something that it’s not.

If you’ve been avoiding makeup because it often leaves you with irritations such as pimples, zits or blackheads that generate due to a lack of oxygen and hydration, know that clean makeup won’t pose you with these problems. You can be confident that the natural ingredients will allow your skin to breathe and get all the sunlight and vitamin D it would otherwise miss out on with regular makeup.