Outstanding Interior Décor: Get the Lighting Right!

Do you ever think how lucky we are to be part of a world shaped by technology? I certainly do because even though I might not be that much of a fan of all-things-electronic I sure couldn’t imagine what life would be like if we still lived in the simple ways our forefathers did, calling it a day when the sun sets.

We’re able to turn night into day literally, finish off chores and work in the quiet hours of the night when everyone else is sleeping (yes, I’m guilty of doing this often, but I don’t recommend it!), all this with the help of electricity. Apart from this utilitarian role, however, it would be a loss not to consider the décor potential of lighting, having in mind the vast variety of lighting fixtures, bulbs and their tones.

I’ve had many clients over the years desperate for a grand interior makeover that I’ve helped realise they could accomplish a lot with less if only they focus on the lighting; bad lighting can make even a million-dollar home look shabby. If you want to know my latest obsession, I’ve got two words: Nordic lighting!

I love everything about the modern original design, the craftsmanship and of course the choice of materials, one of my favourites being recycled plastic felt. It’s always amazing to see the ways people can repurpose something into a completely different item, giving it new life, so you get a plastic piece turned into a soft and sustainable lampshade helping pull the interior together, serving as a focal point and even improving the acoustics at that.

There’s a wide range of options and it’s easy to get lost in all of them, comparing prices, models, shapes, sizes, materials, yet it shouldn’t be that difficult of a purchase as long as you decide what you like and what you don’t, finding your style in the vastness of choices, letting also your interior décor have a say in it.

There are the types of Nordic lighting meant to be used as accent pieces, those that would add interest to your abode, fit in with the décor or stand out, create ambiance and make it shine, so it’s important to decide what it is you want out of a lighting fixture and the lights specifically – is it strictly the function you’re after or also the style?

Likewise, instead of going for uniform look for every room, why not consider the needs of each room individually? Not every room is the same light-wise which is why the lighting shouldn’t be the same either; this would help you make a choice on the bulbs too, their output and the tones. Light up your world right!