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Baby Comforter: A Child’s Best Friend

Sleep time with kids can be lovely at times, especially when they start asking for kisses, hugs, stories, and to be tucked in. I’m not going to deny it can be stressful too. Especially when they reach the phase of separation anxiety and start understanding about objects and proximity, things can get quite interesting.

Baby Comforter

When I say interesting I mean you can forget about sleep for a while! In the case with my two boys, since they had their own fun and practical nursery, they were very clingy whenever bedtime arrived. After spending more nights than I can count on crying, trying to calm them down and make them fall asleep, changing shifts with my husband, we found our solution in getting a baby sleep doll for comforting.

Nowadays, the market is full of baby comforters, differing in designs and prices. You can pick one based on whether you want a soft toy companion for your little one, a blankie, or a combination of both, plus soothing sounds.

My personal favourites are the sleepy toys because they were created by a mum who knew the struggle of sleepless nights due to lost dummies in the cot. Love them or hate them, dummies are handy. As soft toys that allow you to attach dummies, they provide a feeling of security and can be of help in letting you and your baby have a night of quality sleep.

Baby Comforter

What Are the Benefits of Baby Comforters?

You might think it’s unnecessary to get one for your child for a number of reasons, like wanting to teach them to be independent and getting them in the habit of sleeping alone, and it’s all understandable. However, the benefits from a baby sleep doll are undeniable and knowing them might convince you to try and introduce one in your baby’s life to see how it goes.

As I mentioned, these toys are great for comforting, which can be guessed by their name too. When your child has them around, he or she feels safe. So, whenever they’re upset you leave their nursery or they are away for a moment, they can immediately calm down with the toy by their side. This means with such companions they also have more chances of sleeping well through the night.

In this aspect, they also start feeling more independent instead of clingy which is great both for when they sleep on their own and when they’re at the day care. In the case of the sleepytot, it offers the chance to keep the dummies close to your little one all the time throughout the night, so even if one falls out he or she can easily find it alone in the crib.

The more time they spend with their special baby sleep toy, the more they become inseparable as they become best friends of sorts. In the end, when you think about it, we’ve all had a special toy friend we now remember fondly. In other words, such a toy can make for great memories eventually. In some families, they even serve as inheritance, passed down from generation to generation.

Baby Comforter

Choosing the Ideal Baby Comforter

Since the range of baby sleep toys is vast, it’s important to give it some thought when choosing the ideal one for your bub.

The things you should focus on first and foremost are the materials. If you can, it’s best to pick a design made from soft fabrics like cotton and bamboo to pair it with bamboo pyjamas. More on the design, don’t forget to check safety too as some toys that have small pieces like buttons for eyes and nose, as well as loose stitches, are potential choking hazard.

Next up, it’s important that you choose one that can easily be replaced because it can happen any time, so if you want to avoid sleepless nights and seeing your little one stressed out, it’s essential to consider this. To be on the safe side like me, I suggest you buy at least two of the toy you decide for. This way you’re secure even if you misplace one or damage it somehow.

Lastly, it’s necessary for the toy to be machine washable. Have in mind, it’s going to go through a great deal of wear and tear, stains from dragging and nibbling on it, so you need something that’s easy to maintain clean.

Baby Meeting the Baby Comforter

Before you introduce them, it’s advisable to get your smell on the comforter by keeping it with you or your clothes for a while. This way, when the baby spends time with it, there would be mummy or daddy’s smell to make them feel calm and protected. Before your bub turns six months of age, it’s best to just keep the toy attached to the crib to avoid any choking hazard. Once the baby can grab and hold it safely, you can let him or her play with it with your supervision, of course.

When you make sure there’s no danger after the sixth month, you can let the toy in the crib throughout the night. Most probably, your baby will need this toy from 1 year of age up to 3 or 4 whenever tired, afraid or anxious. Be prepared for a long friendship!