winter dresses for women

Winter Dresses: An Unexpected Wardrobe Staple!

If you read my posts, you know I don’t like winter; actually what I don’t like is the cold, not the season itself though it does associate me of colds and the flu (thankfully we haven’t had them this winter after taking precautions!).

Winter provides a different kind of fun than summer and now that I’m a mum I’ve actually come to enjoy the snow over the years more than I thought I would, playing with my boys building snowmen, making snow angels or going skiing makes any day unforgettable.

Fun aside, what I especially couldn’t wait to try out this winter was wearing dresses! The fact I could spice up my wardrobe with stylish winter dresses for women as the perfect blend of comfort and warmth made me forget about me not being a huge fan of the cold.

winter dresses for women 2

It’s only recently that I started considering these clothing pieces as part of my winter apparel and I’m already full of outfit ideas. As much as I like neutral colours I couldn’t help but fall for the charms of the dresses with colourful mixtures of red and deep chocolate, the more colours there are the more options I have to combine them with in terms of accessories.

Scarves happen to be a passion of mine, well mostly because my mum passed down her collection to me and it just kept on growing year after year though it’s the only collection I dare not part with now that I’m trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The variety of winter dresses for women offer plenty for the different tastes, and while there are some more classy styles there are those you can wear anytime, anywhere, combining them with stilettos, flats or boots (both ankle and over-the-knee) which is what I love about them and as you can guess I chose them over the first.

When you have a love affair with leggings like I do it’s a no-brainer you’re going to include them in the dress outfits so it’s my way or making my looks warmer. The more you deal with outfit planning the more creative you get and I’m surprised how come I didn’t think of wearing sleeveless dresses with long-sleeved turtlenecks before or a cosy chunky sweater over them; it’s as creative as it gets!

When it comes to the outer layer for those really cold days, there are all sorts of jackets that come to mind, from going for the cool leather jacket option to the chic long coat, however I must admit what I’m excited to wear my new winter dress with is my mum’s poncho!

What about you? Are you a dress kind of gal too?