Snuggle Dog Bed

Shopping for Dog Beds: These Are My Important Considerations

Snuggling and napping with your beloved dog have got to be some of life’s simple pleasures that fill your every day with joy. I know what I’m talking about because Uno and I have shared naps countless times by now. Whoever is going to bed, he’s immediately the napping buddy who curls up to you and catches some z’s.

Ethan was always his favourite, though, since day one, and I already shared with you my struggles on separating their bed sharing sleep time. As amazing as it might sound to snuggle with your Fido, I can’t hide the fact it can be rather uncomfortable too – especially if you don’t have a small breed dog. So yes, it’s not all roses. For short naps, I might recommend it, but sleeping through the night together means you sign up for a morning with terrible back pain. Been there, done that!

Same as us, dogs need their comfortable sleep space where they can go and rest whenever they need – and they need it often since they sleep about 9 to 13 hours per day on average. Thus, I consider dog bedding Australia stockists offer to be among the most basic supplies a dog owner must acquire. Add them to your must-have list, along with food, water and grooming essentials, training tools, flea products, and different collars.

How Do I Choose a Dog Bed?

Good question! Since there’s a vast array of such products, you have to first be aware of the types of beds there are, and pay attention to certain features, to make the right choice for your doggo. Let’s look over the most common options together, shall we?

The Luxury Dog Bed

If you’re after something spacious and comfy, where your dog can fully stretch out and snuggle, look for luxe large fluffy beds. Allowing extra flexibility for all of your dog’s sleeping positions, such Australian dog beds can accommodate the needs even of the larger breeds, in the likes of German Shepherds, Labradors and Golden Retrievers like my dear Uno. With features like high walls and crevices, soft cushioning, and support for head and neck, day-long comfort is a given!

The Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Old age isn’t easy on anyone, including our furry friends. When dogs start ageing, it’s only natural to experience issues with arthritis, most commonly affecting hips and joints after all the wear and tear from running and jumping.

We can improve their quality of life by providing them with their own specialised orthopaedic dog bedding Australia specialists recommend for easing off the pain. With an orthopaedic mattress, made from the most comfortable memory foam, they’d get all the support they need for their aching parts. Not to mention, you’d also make it easier for them to get in and out of bed.

The Raised Dog Bed

As you might guess, this one is the design that’s raised off the ground. Featuring durable covers, and a steel frame, galvanised on the inside and outside, such beds are ideal both for indoor and outdoor use as they’re made to withstand any challenge. The reason they’re among my favourites is the fact they make for a cleaner sleeping and resting environment for your pup by the very aspect they’re elevated.

The Heated Dog Bed

If you have a dog without fur, or one who gets cold easily, chances are he or she might be prone to feeling cold often. To offer utmost comfort, and protection, especially during the cold days of the year, you should invest in dog beds of the sort. With heated pads inside, you can control the temperature with handy settings for that customised resting experience for your pooch.

And you won’t have to worry about overheating since they contain temperature sensors. Another reason why they happen to be a neat purchase is the way this heat assists with chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis, soothing stiff and tight joints and muscles.

The Cocoon Dog Bed

Dogs that like to hide, especially when they rest, or need some time on their own, would highly benefit from this type of design. Filled with comfy Australian foam inside, and a lovely upholstery fabric outside, they offer the ideal dose of comfort for pets that like to burrow. Moreover, they’re a nice option when it comes to adopting a dog, and inviting it into the new home where everything feels strange as it provides them with a safe spot.

Final Considerations

Once you’ve taken a good look at what the options are of dog bedding Australia stores offer, don’t forget to have the size in mind, as one of the basic bits of information you have to check with any model you set your eyes on. This would ensure your dog gets the needed comfort and support.

Measurements aside, you’d have to remember to consider hygiene as well – no one should sleep in dirt! The best designs are those that come with removable and machine washable covers for easy maintenance. And lastly, keep your dog’s personality in mind to decide on the perfect bed. Chewers would benefit from something they can’t tear apart, whereas anxious souls would appreciate designs with raised walls for some peace and quiet.