Pink Wallpapers & Home Accessories

When I was a little girl, there wasn’t a day without me watching at least one Pink Panter cartoon on TV; I loved that cute, little pinkish panter! When I think about it now, I couldn’t have loved so much about its story, it must have been because of that unbelievably attractive pink colour dominating the screen that captivated me. When I recall these precious childhood memories, I kind of wish that one day I’ll have a little baby girl of my own so I can design her bedroom in that exact pink nuance from the Pink Panter cartoon. Oh well, you never know what life could bring you, right?

Talking about pink colour from a designer’s perspective, is quite the delicate matter. The palette of nuances of pink colour is really wide, and you can’t always combine it with just about anything. Moreover, some nuances of pink lean towards the “unserious” end of its colour spectrum, meaning you can’t just go ahead and use it for interior design purposes. However, some pink tones are perfect for the home; they symbolize warmth, gentle passion and fragility. Think baby pink, vintage pink and rose, watermelon and flamingo nuances. Having this in mind, I’ve come up with few ideas involving pink wallpapers and a few pink accessories which can help you create a very elegant, cozy living atmosphere:

Pink on the walls!

Take advantage of pink wallpapers instead of painting the walls. You can choose any pattern you like and really allow it to express your personality and vibe. But be very careful; pink wallpapers can literally kill your room’s identity if you choose something that screams with colour. Go light, pick something soft and gentle which is closer to the white nuances.

Colour on your furniture

Of course you shouldn’t buy entirely new furniture in pink colour. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t even think about it – our goal isn’t to create a pink kingdom, but just to give a fresh, playful tone to the overall ambiance. So, in accordance with the nuance of the pink wallpapers you have previously chosen, get some pillows and blankets for the couch and sofas. Now, what matters most here is the colour of your furniture, as this combo doesn’t go with just about any colour. The best matches would be pale grey and soft pink, creamy white and vintage pink, or if you want to be bold, go with a black base and fuchsia or magenta details. You can also add a splash of yellow and brown in small details here and there.


Accessories, accessories

What makes a vision complete? That’s right, accessories. That’s the golden rule in fashion, and so it is in interior design. By accessories for rooms I mean candles, vases, picture frames, light fittings, art pieces and even small rugs. According to the overall combination of the wall colour and furniture, you should choose the right accessories. If everything is in neutral tones, like creamy white walls and the furniture is in similar colours, choose accessories in bold pink colour. Attach pinkish art pieces and choose light, rose coloured curtains. Add pink candles on the table as decorations and voilà – pink heaven!



Nothing says elegance like pink roses do. Make sure you always have flowers in your rooms and take advantage of that gorgeous heavenly colour Mother Nature blessed them with. Pink or white roses, or any kind of flowers in any kind of pink colour can easily become the centre of attention in your pink interior design.