Kids Push Scooter Makes a Great Gift!

If you would’ve asked me what would I get a dear friend, or a family member as a birthday present I’d know what to answer in an instant; I am a detail-oriented interior designer – of course I’ll pick a gift that’s going to hit the right spot and put a smile on their face – that’s simply a pleasure to watch. But when it comes to kids, the choices are pretty much narrowed down: you can either get them a toy which they’ll enjoy and love only so much, or clothes that they’re going to outgrow very fast.

However, I think that I handled this situation pretty well. Eliza’s little, Ethan has just turned 5 in September, and I got him the ultimate gift which he still adores and plays with: a kids push scooter.

Many of you will say that a push scooter isn’t exactly the right gift for a 5 year old, but let me brake it down for you: a kids push scooter is actually a very beneficial and fun toy. Apart from the fact that kids will love it, it will prepare them for some real-life experiences that follow.

Push scooters are great for early development of exercising habits, training balance and coordination

It really depends on the type of scooter you get: whether it will be on two or three wheels. The ones with three wheels are easier to ride and control, but still offer a solid training for coordination. The ones on two wheels are the ultimate test for practising balance from early age. Sure Ethan needed a little help from his father in the beginning, but he’s a quick learner, he got it pretty fast. And finally, riding a push scooter is great for developing a habit for exercising; riding the push scooter on a daily level triggers a need for physical activity in a child.

Riding a bike will definitely be easy

I remember when I was learning how to ride a bike; I fell at least 10 times (if not even more), and I cried for so long and so much it was painful to look at me. But eventually, I learned how to ride the bike and I had so much fun exploring every corner of my neighbourhood with it. A chance to ride something like a kids push scooter first would’ve made this process much easier; you can fall from it too, but it definitely won’t be that painful.

A push scooter offers so much fun

It’s not a bike, and if you get one that runs on batteries, then your kid will definitely be the coolest in the neighbourhood. OK, that’s just bragging, but you get the point. It’s fun and amusing to be riding a scooter that runs on batteries, or even one that doesn’t; the sole construction of it makes the entire experience a real riding adventure.

So, was Ethan excited? You bet he was – he loves his aunty Jade so much for this great birthday present!