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A Few Of My Favourite Pieces Of Beachwear For The Season

You know that feeling of excitement when you first step your foot in a 5-star hotel you’ve been Googling for like a month? Now multiply that by 10 and you’ll get how I feel every time I plan a trip to some new, unexplored and rich-with-new-experiences destination. This year we’re not flying off Australia since my baby boy is still very little and getting him on a plane for more than three hours would be a real terror (diapers, breastfeeding, the loud crying and God forbids he starts feeling nausea and starts vomiting). My husband leaves trip planning to me; he is always open to the adventure of trying something new, so everything I am into, so is he.

The destination for this year is Whitsunday Islands on the East Coast of Queensland. The place looks like real heaven and consists of several smaller islands with gorgeous resorts built on them. I decided this vacation should be about enjoying time with our son, so whether there were spas or not, was not really my focus area. We decided to give Long Island a try – very long beaches, amazing views and even more amazing flora and fauna; real paradise for the eyes. So, with everything arranged and the vacation booked, all that was left to do was for me to browse some sexy beach fashion accessories Australia wide.

Let’s get one thing straight; I’m a mother, but that does not mean I do not care about how I look on the beach. I care and greatly. My profession (interior designer) and the fact that I am attentive to details, simply do not allow me not to. I looked for beachwear that will fit my body type, accentuate my strong features and hide some stretch marks, a few extra kilograms and the loosen muscle construction from child birth. After hours long search for something I had imagined and browsing all highly acclaimed online shops of beach fashion accessories Australia wide, my choice came down to two gorgeous swimsuits and one amazing beach caftan.

fashion accessories australia

The Eclipse swimsuit by Blue Life is amazing. It does not cover the back, so I can get as much sun as if I were wearing a two-piece swimsuit. The front accentuates the chest area enough to get sun and to easily breastfeed when needed. The suit has a nice woven application on the front which combined with the black base really gives an elegant tone to it. The Neutra one-piece swimsuit by Vitamin A, although very similar to the Eclipse swimsuit, is of simpler design. It is black, with an open backside and a cleavage not so wide.

The Feeling Flattery kaftan by Condura is amazing and I think will go perfectly with both swimsuits. It’s a short, native American style, almost sheer black cover-up with reglan sleeves. And of course, a beach bag. No beach outfit is complete without a fancy beach bag to go with it. While on the Condura website, I found the cutest looking and surprisingly beautiful beach bag: Hailey beach bag. It comes in two colour patterns: one with floral design and one with black base and white dots. I took the black and white one and voila – completely beach ready, elegantly looking mommy! Long Island here we come! YAY!!!