Hypnotherapy: With Mental Floss to Weight Loss

The idea of losing weight by simply thinking that you could, was just so foreign to my logic and opinions that I had quite a hard time accepting it. I mean, isn’t the point of the whole weight loss process to sweat, sweat, sweat and then sweat some more? And all the clean eating diet, no sweets and paying a lot of attention to calories and portion control? Apparently, that’s the point, with one small difference: women that undergo a weight loss hypnotherapy don’t fall under the influence of sweet cravings, food cheating and similar bad decisions you will have to sweat off afterwards. They have a whole different mindset that’s set towards doing everything to lose weight instead of gaining it. And of course, they still exercise, drink a lot of water and lead an overall healthy lifestyle like the rest of us modern, body figure-attentive ladies.

And when you think about it, there’s so much truth in that famous quote: “Your mind will give up a thousand times before you body does”. This means, weight loss hypnotherapy can’t literally reduce the number of kilograms the weight scale shows, but it can set your mindset so that you can become obsessed with your goal and achieve it in no time. What I learned about the benefits of the process amazed me completely.


Believing is seeing. Literally.

If you believe you can be tricked into being hypnotized, then you’ll most likely show hypnotic responsiveness, which is a good starting point for undergoing a such process. It’s the expectation of being helped that changes the mindset and directs it towards taking action. In other words, if you think you can achieve something and strongly believe it, you most probably will achieve it. And that’s the point here; most people can’t get to the point of believing they can do it, which is where weight loss hypnotherapy comes in.

Send food cravings away

Symbolic imagery is a very powerful tool. Hypnotherapists often trick their patients into imagining all their guilty pleasures such as fast food and sweet cravings, sitting on a small cloud and being send away. Bottom line, next time you find yourself in front of something like a highly caloric dish or a sweet ice cream, just take a few seconds so your mind can find the symbol that takes all of that and washes it away from your mind, allowing you to refuse it.

Practice to do it right

It’s general knowledge that with just one session you simply can’t see any results, just like one trip to the gym won’t give you the body you so desire. However, if you silently repeat a few positive suggestions for 15 to 20 minutes straight you will definitely make a change in your habitual behaviour. Keep it in mind: it takes about 21 days to turn a certain behaviour into a habit. After all, everything good and worth having comes with hard work.

All in all, hypnotherapy can actually be very beneficial if you want to change your attitude towards food and start losing weight. If you decide to go with this approach, make sure you look for a hypnotherapist that will offer you a tailored program with special goal points that will be a challenge for you to reach. And of course, it should be a program that lasts more than 21 days, as science suggests. Good luck!