Light Up: Benefits of Candles for You and Your Home

Are you one of those people who have a number of items they only use on special occasions? You’re not alone! My home used to be full of such belongings, from clothes reserved for anniversaries and festivities, to fancy towels, tablecloths and sheets I only used for guests.

Not anymore because I figured life is special itself and deserves to be treated as such on a daily basis, so no more waiting for specific occasions to use what I can every day, celebrating life. Since candles add that touch, turning any event or activity into one of celebration, I also decided to light them up as often as possible, if not daily.

Slowly but surely, I’ve turned myself into a fan of candles and candlestick holders, and though I don’t have them in every room (at least not yet!), I like the way they add to the luxury of the interior décor in the living room, dining room, and hallway.

Though there are vast options to choose from, the ones that immediately grabbed my attention were contemporary brass holders that I added in the living room and hallway and to spice it up a little material-wise, I opted for nickel for the dining area.

Other than the stylish appeal, all the rest of the benefits candles provide were certainly a pleasant surprise too. Since I’ve seen various names for the item, I’ve been wondering what is a candlestick holder called specifically, as some use it as chamberstick, others as candle tree, and most often as candelabrum, singular for candelabra.

What are the Parts of a Candlestick Called?


By answering this question we’re able to specify the distinction between a candlestick holder and a candelabrum as there clearly is one and they shouldn’t be used as interchangeable terms.

The candlestick holders can be found in a vast variety, consisting of sockets for the candles, shafts (the bit that adds to the height of the holder) in several shapes, like spiral, round, hexagonal, and a base, differing from candelabra in the number of candles they can hold. While candelabra can hold up to seven candles, put on so called branches, there are also those types that allow for the arms to be adjusted, raised or lowered individually specifically.

Okay, Now We Distinguish the Two, so What Are the Benefits of Burning Candles?

Burning Candles
  • Ambiance – Well, even if you don’t burn them, there’s no doubt there’s an aesthetic role to them along with the candlestick holders, however why wait for a special occasion to use them when they can enhance the ambiance with their light and scent – that is, if you buy scented ones.

I take it from the Danes and the hygge trend, the minute I light up the candles the atmosphere becomes comfortable, warmer, and that much more inviting as a result. The gentle glow is perfect for when you need some relaxation and some form of stress-relief from your day to day errands, and not to mention it creates an opportunity to use it for having fun with shadows playing with kids; it used to be one of Matthew’s favourites.

  • Meditation – This benefit is connected to the first one in the sense of relaxation. When you want to practice some mindfulness, whether to accompany yoga or not, fact is candles can be of help in providing you with a sense of calm which is useful for the well-being as well as health. Likewise, it’s great for improving one’s focus and that’s always helpful with improving your productivity at work.

Mind you though, it’s important to be careful with the candles you choose because there are those paraffin types that are harmful for the health, so prior to burning whatever, it’s necessary to be mindful with what you’re buying instead. Soy wax is a nice alternative to paraffin, and it’s just one of many options you could use.

Speaking of meditation, in some cultures candle burning has been part of the religion practices and prayers for centuries which is also where candles prove to be a more than welcome addition to your home if you spend time in prayer.

  • Romance – Oh yes, candles are perfect when you want to create a lovely atmosphere at home, or should I say more intimate, exactly what you and your loved one need to reflect on your relationship, and the time you spend together. Best of all is, you get the same kind of romantic ambiance you get at restaurants and hotels without even breaking your bank!
  • Travel – The beautiful scent of some of your favourite candles can be exactly what you need to take along with you when on the road, so no matter where you are you’d light it up and immediately travel in thoughts to your home, your own happy place.
  • Blackout – More than obvious why every household needs a candle, right?