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Vegan Protein Powder: Why and How to Use It

Genes are an incredible thing that still remains a mystery up to a certain level. You never know how it’s going to work out with the genes when you have a baby, whether he or she is going to inherit most traits from you as the mum, or your partner, or whether it’s going to be 50-50.

Ethan and Noah were truly blessed by getting the best from both my husband and me – the beautiful strong teeth they got from their daddy, and the thick hair and eyes they got from mummy. Me on the other hand, I wasn’t so lucky because I got the health issues from both sides – the early grey hairs from my mother’s side and the high cholesterol woes from my father’s side.

The grey I can deal with, as I often resort to upgrading the hair colour, but the risk of developing serious health conditions was something that was making me lose my sleep for long. Since I always prefer what nature offers, instead of seeking the solution through conventional medicine, it wasn’t going to be any different with this issue.

So after some search and tests, it became obvious I would have to stick to vegan foods and diet choices. While I did struggle at the beginning, things went smoothly as soon as I found the best tasting vegan protein powder options on the market and invited them to my daily menu.

best tasting vegan protein powder

Why Choose Vegan Protein?

Going vegan means giving up the main protein sources, such as meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. Taking into consideration protein is important for staying healthy, as much as allowing the body to function at its best, proving to be critical for muscle tissues, bones, hair, and skin, as well as carrying oxygen, it’s a matter of concern for most people who change their diets entirely.

It’s all about careful planning to make the most of these new eating habits. Still, if for some reason you don’t get the needed daily intake of protein from chosen plants, you can reach for the help of tasty vegan protein powders as your go-to supplements. Which according to what the experts reveal you should eat, it has to be from 10 to 35% of the calories per meal from protein foods.

While in the past, there weren’t that many options, and sometimes even the vegan were actually up to a certain point non-vegan, containing some questionable ingredients, like whey as the cheese byproduct, things are different nowadays. This is partly due to the boom in trends of plant-based foods and diets we’ve been witnessing as of late.

And the other part stems from the surging of more trustworthy brands on the market, as in the case with Amazonia, Body Science, and Nutra Organics, whose products offer a great amount of protein per scoop. If you want to make sure you add the best of the best tasting vegan protein powder available in the specialised stores, my advice is to look for products that are manufactured with 100% raw and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Moreover, it’s just as important to find those that are non-GMO, free of gluten, soy, artificial ingredients, colouring, fillers, and additives. Those packed with vegan probiotics and digestive enzymes are ideal for easy absorption without bloating or any allergic responses.

How to Implement Vegan Protein on the Menu?

It’s no secret the vegan protein powder options are a great ingredient to making incredible shakes – aka breakfast in a glass you won’t want to skip. Easily blended into a juicer, you can create a tasty treat also great as a post-workout pick-me-up. Throw in some extra ingredients to your likings, such as nuts, almonds, coconut milk, and vanilla extract, and you get quite the delicious drink.

Vegan Breakfast Brownies

What I love about these powders, however, is that you can get way more creative than this. Two of my favourite recipes include creating superfoods like the Danish dadelkugler, i.e. date balls, and breakfast brownies. Mouth-watering, right? Here, you can have the recipes yourself, and try out these powder delicacies.


To make these Danish treats, you’re going to need:

150g of fresh dates,

3 tablespoons of vegan protein powder,

30g of hazelnuts, and

a teaspoon of vanilla or cinnamon powder if you like.

Since there are dates, you’d best prepare them in the food processor. Once you get that smooth mass you’re after, you can start shaping them into small balls. To finish off nicely, you can roll them in coconut flour before you serve them.

Breakfast Brownies

To make your perfect morning brownies, you’re going to need:

5 scoops of best tasting vegan protein powder, pea based for thickness and consistency,

2 cups of quinoa flakes,

½ cup of macadamia nuts,

4 tablespoons of ground flaxseed,

1 cup of oat milk,

1 tablespoon of liquid erythritol as a low carb sweetener,

6 tablespoons of almond butter, and

¼ cup of coconut oil.

Be sure to get two separate bowls to mix the dry and the wet ingredients first, putting the protein powder vegan of choice, flakes, nuts, and flaxseed into one, and the oat milk, erythritol, almond butter and coconut oil into the other. Once you’re done and get good mixtures, pour the wet bowl contents into the dry one and stir well to get a nice uniform mixture.

As you’re doing so, preheat the oven at 180°C. Moving on, spray a square baking pan with cooking oil before adding the bowl mixture contents. Flatten it nicely before putting it in the oven and baking for half an hour. Once the edges start getting brown, you know your breakfast is ready. While it’s advisable to refrigerate overnight for the flavours to get more defined, we never wait more than an hour to enjoy this amazing treat.