The Biggest Sex Myth Busted: Adult Toys For Women Are Not Just For Lonely Singles

Me and Matthew are alone these few days because my husband is away on a business trip. I had the entire house to myself and I decided I was going to be efficient and finish some work at home, so I took Matthew to his grandparents for the time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my husband in all ways possible and going to bed alone at night is just torture for me. However, we’re all human beings with pretty much the same needs and desires, which is why I have a drawer with a few good sex toys in it.

Me and my hubby love playing games in the bedroom and experiencing new highlights during sex, and when we go somewhere alone, we like to visit a sex shop and get something to spice up our stay in that particular place. Yes, he loves the thought of me getting aroused by a kinky vibrator or a dildo. Plus, he completely agrees with the opinion that it’s just cruel to cut a woman’s sexual pleasure needs just because her hubby isn’t around. With that being said, the content of my sex toys drawer is pretty rich with adult toys for women products, and in this post I want to share an experience with one of them.

First, let’s break a myth: the ring on my finger doesn’t mean I no longer want to pleasure myself. Sometimes a woman simply wants to fantasize, use her imagination and get the big ‘Oh’ by herself in the privacy of her own bedroom. Just because I have a husband doesn’t mean he’s always around and I always want him to make love to me. So if I have to conclude, I’d say it makes literally no difference whether you carry a ring on your finger or not: pleasure is meant for every woman who’s in a need of it, which means all of us are equally entitled to owning one or more adult toys for women.

So, my personal favourite – the Sliders Trainer Kit by NS Novelties. It comes in pink colour and the kit has three plugs in different sizes for various levels of pleasure. Their design is firm and flexible and they’re tapered so the penetration is completely effortless. They feel velvety to the touch due to their satin finish and are very easy to clean and maintain. Back to that satin finish… you can only imagine how soft and gentle it feels inside you a piece of the slider trainer kit – I am warmly recommending it to all of you.

You can literally achieve all 4 types of orgasms with this one, be it clitoral, vaginal, blended or multiple orgasms you’re looking for. Give it a chance to rock your world on your own. There’s no need to wait for a man to give you the pleasure you so need when you can take it in your own hands now.