Bathroom Vanity Units: The Elements that Make All the Difference

As an interior designer, there’s never lack of challenges. Sometimes a client has a distinct taste that doesn’t work for their interior, other times the design they’re after isn’t the ideal choice, and as difficult as it may seem, it’s part of the job and where all the fun is. Lately, considering there’s bigger interest in sustainability and smaller homes, compact space has been one of the biggest challenges for me, especially the bathroom. Often times, clients don’t have a clue how to deal with the small bathroom the best way they can, so they’re more than happy with my suggestions and solutions, like the versatile timber vanity units for bathroom. They’re central elements that can make or break your bathroom design and that’s what makes them important.

A vanity unit is the piece that’s supposed to provide enough storage for your toiletries, towels, offer enough sink space, and the choice has to be functional while at the same time fit in perfectly without cramming the room so the first step would be to choose based on the size. Think of the surrounding components, for instance the shower, toilet, door, and how many people are going to use the unit plus where the traffic flow happens mostly. The vanity unit is supposed to help maximise space and not minimise it!

On the other hand, I mentioned timber vanity units for bathroom specifically singling them out from other materials because they’re solid, durable in humid conditions, can withstand wear and tear and they never go out of style. I like them for the way they make it easy to decorate the room without worrying about whether the style matches theirs; they simply look great with everything! Even if it’s a really tiny bathroom, I still choose them over other options, such as improvised units of cabinets, or vertical shelves.

Now, in terms of the type of vanity unit, you may already be inclined to go for one or another, be it floor or wall mount, but plumbing has the final say because it’s always more affordable to use the existing plumbing than undergo a project to make plumbing changes. Likewise, if you want to count on more counter space, choose a smaller sink. I know the thought of having a bigger sink, or even two so you can brush teeth with your partner is appealing but to be able to fit in a vanity unit without compromising the bathroom design and space, you’d have to get used to a small sink instead. Choose the suitable vanity unit and you can be sure of a great bathroom layout!