In the Know: Use the Power of Antioxidants to Give Free Radicals a Knockout Blow

I’ve always considered myself and my family to be healthy, orienting by the food we eat, the drinks we drink and the overall ambiance we live in. I cook a lot and I make sure that everything I put on the table is home-made with products I buy on the organic market. I make freshly squeezed juices and avoid buying any from market shelves. In addition, my house is always clean and the air inside is fresh, plus nobody smokes. So, is it possible that we still don’t get enough antioxidants?

I was reading an article on the matter of antioxidants in a magazine, and it really got me thinking: I spend a lot of time outside, in cafes, in other homes where people smoke, and sometimes I eat food that comes in a can. So does my husband. However, we both make sure Matthew doesn’t come near anything artificial, but we can only do as much. After analysing our situation for a while, I decided I needed to buy some supplements that will help us boost our health.

The important thing about health supplements is that before you decide you want to consume some, you will need to consult with your doctor first. Health supplements are considered additions to the food you eat daily and definitely aren’t made to replace it. They are used to enhance your well-being, your energy levels, blood levels and your appearance!

Antioxidants in particular, are substances that protect human cells from the influence of free radicals. Particularly with smoke, when the human body finds itself exposed to smoke for a long time, it gets attacked by the free radicals that make the smoke’s molecular content. Therefore, due to the complex structure of some inevitable foods and ambiance elements we’re exposed to on a daily basis, antioxidants should be consumed to help our immune system protect our health. Furthermore, antioxidants are the type of substances that neutralise free radicals completely, and as a result, the oxidative stress and the death of a cell is prevented completely. Ultimately, as antioxidants do their thing, some people may experience some anti-ageing benefits as well, as the death of cells is eliminated.

However, consulting with a doctor is a must, so I went to see mine and talk to her about how to take them and whether they’d cause some trouble to my organism. After talking on the matter with her whether I should or shouldn’t consume antioxidants, I looked for health supplements online and found a vast palette of products designed to target a specific problem: anti-age supplements, eye care, colostrum supplements – literally everything for every problem one might experience! I got my antioxidants for starters, but I will definitely think about what else am I allowed to consume in order to boost my health even more.