women in bed with sex toys

Popular Sex Toys for Women to Add in Your Adult Toy Collection

It’s no secret I’m a huge supporter of the idea that women should be in charge of their own satisfaction in the bedroom – we shouldn’t put all the responsibility and stress on our partners. I mean, sure, we should let them know what we like and how we like it, but every now and then we should have some alone time to be in tune with our bodies.

In addition, many women, about 80% to be exact, don’t climax from penetrative sex alone which can be frustrating for both partners sometimes. But sex is more than just penis in vagina action – it comes in so many flavours! It’s a pity to give up on orgasms without trying to sample a bit of everything first.

And this is where the wide range of sex toys for women can come in handy! Experimenting with toys is a great way to discover what gets you off. Trust me, if your partner is into you, he shouldn’t feel threatened by a toy and should instead be happy to help out with your big “O”.

As I’ve already discussed the benefits of refreshing your sex life with an adult toy collection, you have no excuses not to try. You don’t have to have a whole collection like me, but a toy or two that improve your sexual experience can’t hurt.

If you don’t know where to begin with, my advice is to find out which area of your body senses pleasure the most and work from there. The following are some of the most popular types of womens sex toys you can choose from.

A Mighty Vibrator for Explosive Orgasms

The vibrating action is added to these toys to help you achieve stimulation and pleasure no matter which erogenous zone you use them on. Depending on what you’re looking for, whether it’s external or internal stimulation, there are various vibrators to pick from, such as those that provide clitoral massage, and those that focus on vaginal and G-spot massage and arousal.

women in bed with sex toys

Don’t worry if you want the best of both worlds – a simultaneous stimulation is possible with the rabbit vibrators! The success lies in the soft and flexible design, which is perfect regardless of whether you prefer light or heavy penetration, as it hugs the G-spot nicely while tickling the clit with the extended tongue.

A Clitoral Massager for Your Sweet Spot

As I mentioned, most women have difficulty having orgasms from vaginal sex alone, so foreplay with the focus on the clitoris is most helpful. That’s where the clitoral massagers step in. As popular sex toys for women, they’re available in a wide range of designs, from those really large ones like the wand massagers, to those like the bullet massagers small enough to be used with a partner without getting in the way during intercourse.

Girl under sheets using rabbit style vibrator sex toys

Great news for those women who like their clit stimulated by their partner’s mouth is there are new revolutionary toys in town called clitoral sucking toys that mimic oral sex by suction through air pressure and various intensity levels.

A Dildo If You’re a Simple Gal

Perhaps among the most popular female sex toys of all times, dildos aren’t working on vibration but that doesn’t mean they won’t help you out with your orgasms. They come in all shapes and sizes to satisfy the different needs of women, so if you aren’t that fond of a non-anatomical design, you’re sure to easily find an anatomical one with a textured surface for an impressive penis resemblance.

dildo-doble girl with sex toys

They can also be found in a vast array of materials, from silicone to glass and metal dildos, so you’re truly spoiled for choice here. If you find you enjoy more G-spot stimulation than merely vaginal massaging, then consider getting a curved dildo to hit the spot.

Anal Toys for Something a Bit Different

Though not everyone is fond of anal play, some women find the anal nerve stimulation to be quite useful when orgasming, and you shouldn’t feel intimidated from trying – how can you know it’s helpful if you don’t try?!

Anal Toys

Butt plugs aren’t that scary, trust me, I’ve had them in my adult toy collection for quite some time now, and I’m quite a fan of the kit consisting of three different ones in size so you can vary and see which one works for you the best. And oh, there’s a velvety touch to them which is amazing!

Don’t like these? There are even vibrating plugs in case you love a little buzz. If you still aren’t buying the plug idea, then perhaps you could give anal beads a try instead. As they’re connected in a chain, they vary in size, and you can insert them as far as you feel most comfortable. The stimulation of the internal canal is sure to blow your mind, especially when you insert and remove the beads.

Nipple Toys – Give Your Nipples Some Love

An often-overlooked erogenous zone, the nipples must become part of your foreplay because the pleasure you get from stimulating them with touching, pinching and licking travels to the same part of the brain as the vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Yes, nipple orgasms are real and you should explore the joy they provide.


If you haven’t considered them yet, nipple clamps are a nice start to the play, but be sure to use them properly otherwise they can cause pain.

Though there are women who consider pain to be part of the arousal, there are many who have sensitive nipples and would rather stay away from such rough play. No worries, that’s where you can reach for a nipple teasing kit consisting of nipple suckers. In some cases, even the clit sucking massagers are a nice option to make nipplegasms an everyday treat.