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Shopping for Baby Stuff: Tips and Tricks to Get It Right

As a new parent, you may be wondering which products you’ll need to take good care of your bundle of joy. While there are some things new mums like to get (some not even related to the baby), there are things that are must-haves for both mums and babies. But how do you know what’s really essential and what’s just for fun?

While the baby products market is flooded with attractive choices it’s important that you focus on the indispensable items and learn how to make the most of them. Here are my tips to help you get what you really need for your baby while saving some time and money.

First Things First: Do Your Research

When it comes to baby products Australia specialised stores carry a range that comes with lots of bells and whistles, and of course, price tags to match. Before you settle for any of these, make sure you read the product specifications to find out if a certain item is the right fit for you. Do you like high-tech products or prefer simple ones? Ask your friends to share the pros and cons of their favourite products. There is no more valuable information than the one from an experienced parent.

Skip Newborn-Size Clothes

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Can’t stop yourself from buying those cute overalls for your kid? You’ll be able to use them longer if you get the three-month size instead of the newborn size. Babies grow incredibly fast, which means it won’t take too much time before your little one outgrows many of his/her outfits. Many babies outgrow their three-month clothing before they actually reach that age. Furthermore, you don’t know what size your baby will be until after he/she is born. So, you could end up with a bunch of little infant outfits that are too small for your baby from the beginning.

Go for Easy to Put on and Take Off Outfits

Like us, babies also like being comfortable. I understand that there is a range of beautiful clothing in stores nowadays, but when it comes to your little one, you should really prioritize comfort. So, give preference to soft materials and simple outfits. When your baby is born, his/her top priorities will be eating, sleeping, and pooping, and not making a fashion statement. From my experience, I can tell you that babies are happier when they are more comfortable, which makes for a happier and more peaceful house as well.

Make Sure You Get a Baby Carrier

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Perhaps you believe you won’t be able to walk with your baby unless he/she is in a stroller. Even if you don’t enjoy walking on a nature trail or city streets, a baby carrier is well worth the money. The majority of parents prefer front carriers for the hands-free convenience they offer even if they’re mainly used for walks around the home to soothe a cranky baby. The convenience of a front carrier increases when you’re out shopping since it eliminates the need to place your baby’s car seat in the shopping cart and allows you to engage in some hands-on activities.

A Car Seat is a Must

You might be tempted to get a convertible car seat, which can accommodate a newborn as little as 1.5 kilos and last well into toddlerhood. But you need to keep in mind that convertible car seats tend to be bulky, which means they can be tricky to manoeuvre in and out of the vehicle while the baby is sleeping.

An infant car seat is simple and easy to pop in and out of a vehicle base with the click of a button. Furthermore, infant seats can be installed quickly and safely with a seat belt, which can be an advantage if you travel by cab often. Look for a model that has an easy-to-grip handle and a substantial sunshade. Make sure you try it with a stroller frame if you plan on using one.

Choose Your Stroller Well

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There truly are endless options of this type of baby products Australia stores can provide you with so you need to be careful with the choice. If you decide to go for a model without adjustable handles, you need to make sure it’s at a comfortable height for whoever will be using it most. You’ll also want to check the amount of storage space the stroller offers (which should be as much as possible) and whether it will be easy to access with your baby on the stroller.

You’ll also want a model with a decent incline of at least 45 degrees so your little one can take comfortable naps inside. The incline should also be easy to adjust without disturbing your baby. Keep in mind that models with air tires offer a smoother ride than plastic wheels. If you live in an apartment, it’s a good idea to try collapsing and carrying a few strollers. A lightweight umbrella stroller with carrying straps is probably the easiest to carry up and down the stairs.

Make Sure to Read the Labels of Baby Care Products

When shopping for your baby bath essentials, you will find a range of baby care products on the market claiming to be “ideal for baby skin”. Don’t get fooled by pretty packaging. When it comes to your baby, your best bet is to stick to natural products. Make sure you read the labels of the products carefully and stay away from anything that contains dyes and chemicals like parabens, sulphates, and phthalates, as they may harm your baby.