woman applying chemical free face primer

Face Primer: A Product that Can Revolutionise Your Makeup Routine

If you want flawless makeup, the key is to work on the base. As modern-day women, not all of us have the time we can afford to spend on pampering in front of the mirror, which is why it’s essential to simplify the routine and do what you can with less. That’s why the face primer is my non-negotiable element.

This is the product that can give you the perfection you’re after, as it sets the ideal base that creates a smooth effect. Not to mention, it can also make your makeup last much, much longer, so you won’t have to do unplanned touch-ups in the workplace bathroom or stop your party or date when you’re enjoying the most to prevent a literal meltdown.

Moreover, it’s also a great trick up your sleeve if you want to hydrate the skin, improve the complexion, and get a natural, healthy glow that looks so good and is the envy of everyone you cross paths with. But, there’s a catch: to get all the aforementioned benefits, you must get a product of quality. This is why I swear by my professional chemical free face primer that gives me that flawless outcome I’m after.

How Do I Choose a Face Primer?

woman applying chemical free face primer
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Same as with any skin care product – focus on what matters. This includes:

The Skin Type

Knowing your skin type can set you right off on the right foot when makeup shopping, especially given that there are different options available in terms of a primer, as some are focused on the oiliness, whereas others are related to solving the dryness.

If you tend to have predominantly oily parts, your face is usually shiny, and makeup doesn’t stay on easily, a silicone-based mattifying chemical free face primer is the solution to avoiding the oily issues and getting that perfect makeup look. Those with dry skin are familiar with the feeling of tightness, itchiness, and roughness, which calls for the help of primers that can moisturise and prevent dry patches.

In case you have a bit of both, the oiliness and the dryness in some parts, then you have combination skin. The balance here is to get a harmonious primer that can solve both, so one that’s both matte and hydrating is the best. This would help improve your complexion and dryness, and at the same time minimise oiliness. Those lucky individuals who’ve been blessed with normal skin could try out a luminous product.

The Skin Concerns

As a basic material, the makeup primer can assist you with treating some of the issues that may be troubling you and give you the smooth outcome you so want to get. Examples of issues could be lack of UV protection when wearing makeup during the day, large pores and acne, dullness, redness and sensitivity, and mature skin.

You’d be happy to know there’s the right kind of primer for each of these concerns. From a primer that offers UV protection, non-comedogenic that diminishes pores and acne, and antioxidant-based for nourishing dullness, to soothing products for redness and sensitivity, and those that smooth fine lines and wrinkles – there’s the ideal solution.

If you’re not dealing with any concerns but would rather prevent general health issues from chemicals, then the focus should be on something organic. Whichever your case may be, be sure to look for the right one, and don’t experiment when you know it’s not ideal for you. This leads us to the next crucial consideration.

The Ingredients

Focusing on this essential aspect can help you out with checking whether a product is suitable for you or not. Even if you’re not on the hunt for something chemical-free like me, you could still benefit from familiarising yourself with the ingredients that skin primers consist of. The formulas created for oily skin, pores, and acne usually don’t have oils in them and may contain acids like salicylic.

Formulas meant for dry skin are the opposite – they come with oils and hyaluronic acid great for moisturising and locking in that moisture. Ingredients you can find for dull skin are extracts like green tea, great for radiance. SPF usually indicates UV protection, and sensitive skin products come with soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile, all while lacking harsh alcohol, parabens, and fragrance.

The mature skin solution comes with a plump-boosting, smooth and soft effect that stems from the presence of peptides as well as hyaluronic acid, both of which help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Those gals after a chemical-free face, body, and lifestyle could very well find it in organic-based formulas with vitamins, minerals, and natural oils. Take your time to check your skin type, concerns, and ingredients you’d like to see, and watch what the perfect primer can do for your beauty routine and looks.