Toilet Training Pants: Ease the Transition from Nappies to Underwear

You guys already know that the 3-day pottying training worked pretty well for me and the kids. Although it was a success, like everyone else, we had some accidents too, especially when we used to leave the house. Considering the fact that it could be a little confusing to a toddler to use undies some of the time and nappies the rest of the time, I decided to start using reusable toilet training pants home and when we went out.

Toilet Training Pants for kids

Unlike many nappies, potty training pants usually don’t have a stay-dry layer. Instead, they have layers of fabrics that allow the child to feel wet and start being aware when they have had an accident and need to go. One extra bonus of training pants is that they are not only absorbent enough to catch an accident but also have a protective layer, which prevents parents from having to change clothes and clean the floor while out and about.

What Are Potty Training Pants?

Potty training pants are cloth trainers that feel pretty much like “big-kid” underwear but feature multiple layers of fabric in the crotch area. Most of these training pants not only have multiple layers of fabrics that are absorbent enough to catch an accident, but they also have a protective waterproof layer that prevents you from having to change panties and clothes when you’re outside your home.

Are Training Pants a Good Idea?

For me, it was definitely a good idea. One particular benefit that made these pants so appealing to me is that toilet training pants are more cost-effective than their disposable counterparts. Plus, they are also gentler on the environment, a win-win combination. Not only are disposable training pants more expensive and less environmentally friendly, but they essentially work the same as diapers, which means they don’t allow the child to feel wet and uncomfortable after having an accident. This discomfort can be the motivation the child needs to start using the potty, and therefore, is an important part of potty training.

No matter which potty-training system you choose, here are the reasons why I recommend integrating training pants into it.

Toilet Training Pants for kids

Increased Independence

The pull-up style and elastic waist of training pants allowed the boys to go to the bathroom all by themselves, which gave me some extra time to do other things like for example apply a face mask (sometimes we need to take care about ourselves too). Training pants are also great tools to teach basic skills like dressing and simultaneously help children feel more confident about doing things on their own.

Better Protection

In addition to feeling soft and comfortable like undies, training pants are much more protective and durable. That means that toddlers can wear them during the day and to bed and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up messes in the morning. Keep in mind that children don’t have the best bladder control, so they will occasionally dribble even when they aren’t fully ‘going’. Training pants are perfect for those scenarios.

Gradual Transition

Some pediatricians often don’t recommend going straight from regular diapers to underwear because the change may be a bit too overwhelming for some children. See training underwear like the training wheels that will help get your child comfortable with the idea of potty training without forcing them to jump in headfirst. Slow introductions can be extremely useful with cautious kids.

How to Use Training Pants for Potty Training

Consider introducing training pants to your little one during those first few weeks of potty training, before making the transition to all-cloth styles. Waterproof training pants are made for accidents and leaks, so they can handle all those oopsie moments while you’re mid-training.

When it comes to what kind of training pants are best, consider a model made from a natural fibre so that your child can feel when they’re wet if they have had an accident. Also, make sure you choose only soft, comfortable training pants. After all, you don’t want your child to reject them because they are irritating or poor fitting. And it doesn’t hurt to pick out cute styles with fun patterns that your little one will actually want to wear.

Toilet Training Pants for kids

How Many Training Pants for Potty Training Will You Need?

How many training pants you’ll need will depend on your situation. Consider getting 6-8 trainers and if you find they are not enough, buy more. If you use them only for overnight training, you may only need a couple, depending on how frequently you do laundry.

It is true that potty training is challenging, but it’s also rewarding and necessary. Try not to get too much stressed in the process. With the right strategy and tools, you should be able to potty train your little one with fewer accidents and more high-fives. Potty training diapers are a must for a successful transition.