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The Mattress as Restorative Rehab: Reasonable Price & Quality Uncompromised

Scientists say we sleep one third of our time. Well, let me be the one who says it out loud – it is all rubbish. Being a mum of two very active boys, I am ecstatic when I get a few z’s in one night. With all the wake-up-mommy calls in the middle of the night when Ethan has a nightmare and wants me to keep him company, I am getting by on a lot less than seven hours (many people are for that matter, although we all need between seven and nine hours of sleep a night to perform at our best). How you’d ask? The right bed mattress.

The quality of our slumber greatly depends on the quality of the mattress we sleep on. Along with a dark room, a pleasing level of noise or quietness (depending on your personal preference) and a comfortable room temperature, a good mattress can go a long way to ensuring you get nothing but a good night’s sleep. So, if you wake up with pains and aches that dissipate throughout the day, keep tossing and turning in bed, feel the coils when lying on it and your mattress is older than eight years – time for a change!

There is a variety of different types, sizes and comfort levels in the world of mattresses, so the least you can do before you go shopping, is have a basic knowledge. And hey, no worries, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality mattress at a fair price, there are some things you should bear in mind to get the best value for your money. You can thank me later.

Plan Your Budget

Before you start wasting your time looking at either too cheap or ridiculously expensive mattresses, determine a budget you are comfortable with and start looking at products within that range if you are shopping online. If shopping at a store, let your salesperson know the approximate price so that he/she can show you the best priced mattress options in that range. If you are not sure how much you should spend, you can use the following equation to find your rough price range:

  • The least I can spend is…
  • The most I can spend is…


  • Open Coil or Continuous – Open coil mattresses are made of single springs which are fixed together by one wire, while the continuous ones are made from a single piece of wire which is looped into springs. Also, they are much lighter which means they are easier to turn. On the downside, since their springs move as one unit, these mattresses are less responsive to your body, so chances are that any tossing and turning will disturb your partner. Moreover, coils also wear out faster than pocket springs, so you will definitely need to replace these types of mattresses sooner than you would some of the other types.
  • Latex Mattresses – Natural latex is a white liquid which is produced by and tapped from the trunks of rubber trees. For the production of latex foam, this liquid is blended with synthetic liquid. It is such a popular option as latex foam has the ability to mould to your body shape, thus, toss and turn as much as you want to, chances are your partner won’t even feel it. Furthermore, latex mattresses are one of the best priced mattress options with such great features – they are quite durable and are composed of breathable materials, which means they are the ideal choice for people who are prone to allergies. Latex does not harbour dust mites and there are less chances of overheating, so sleeping on hot summer nights won’t be any problem. However, what some people do not like about latex mattresses is that they have a more solid feel, thus, they are unlikely to please someone who wants a more cushioned night’s sleep. But then again, it all comes down to personal preferences – you know your body best.
  • Memory Foam – Topped with a layer of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material, the memory foam mattress offers a great level of comfort. Sink into its magic comfort and feel how it absorbs your weight and takes the pressure off your joints while increasing circulation. On the downside, as this mattress enables you to sink in, it can get warm easily. Oh well, that’s the small price to pay for the heavenly feel it gives to your body.
  • Pocket Spring – Having about 3000 springs sewn into individual fabric pockets which greatly contribute to the great support it offers, the pocket spring mattress distributes your body’s weight evenly and is able to support people of different body weights well as its springs are separate. Plus, the springs can be cuztomized to different tensions – firm, medium or soft – it all comes down to your preferences. Furthermore, one of the best things about this type is that while sleeping on a pocket spring mattress, you will never feel too hot as the open spring construction allows air to circulate.