The Role Lighting Plays for Causing Luminous Transformation to a Space

It’s just my professional deformation – every time I enter a home, the first thing that instantly sores my eyes is the wrong choice of lighting and how it ruins an otherwise, very good interior design. People generally don’t pay much attention to that small detail that has a huge influence, but anyone who wants to get the maximum from the interior design they paid quite the amount for, should consider this important fact: the right choice of lighting can make every piece of furniture and decoration look a lot better than it actually is.

And to my biggest surprise, my latest client asked me to choose the paint for the walls in their rooms cause they’re repainting the house, and choose the lighting that will most accentuate that colour throughout the entire day. The colour was easy to pick, I just needed to keep in mind the furniture, the ambiance and the client’s taste, but the lighting is a whole different story. So, the first step was looking for lighting, since installing house lighting is a major project that requires time and dedication to make good combinations.

There are actually a few ways you can manipulate with lighting and other accompanying elements to create the desired ambiance in a room. It all really depends on the colour temperature of the light source and of course, the light fittings, which should always be in accordance with the room style. A piece of advice: when you look for lighting for sale online, make sure you choose by the fittings first as light bulbs can always be changed in order to offer a different light temperature. However, have in mind that it’s the light source that makes a colour pop or tone down completely.

Incandescent bulbs

Everything red, orange and yellow will get accentuated under the warm, yellow light of incandescents. This light temperature will calm down blues and greens, so you don’t want to use them where you want these colours to pop out. This light source will do wonders for living rooms and dining rooms designed in vintage style or something classy where nuances of brown dominate.


Fluoroscent light bulbs accentuate blue and green colours, so you should use them in exactly the opposite manner from incandescents. They are the ultimate choice if you want a more cold, kind of icy atmosphere in the room, which is calming and perfect for intimacy and privacy, or to put it in other words – they are a great choice for your bedroom or bathrooms.


If you want daylight all day long, halogens are your number one choice. These offer the same light temperature as daylight, making the switch from natural to artificial light a lot easier. They are perfect for kitchens with dining rooms and large windows on one wall as they will keep the same ambiance throughout every part of the day. After all, the kitchen is probably the most frequently visited room.

As for choosing the right fittings, it really depends on the room style, and luckily, the palette of products is wide enough to offer something for every room design. Whether your home is ultra modern, contemporary, classy or vintage stylized, you can find the right light fittings according to your taste and the ambiance you want to create.