Why Baby Carriers Rock

When I was pregnant with my first son Ethan, no one warned me that there would be periods when I’d have to hold him in my arms for a bigger part of the day. Yes, as much as they might be cute and loving and all that, babies are also quite needy. So from being the peaceful angel he was, constantly sleeping and growing, there came a period when he started hysterically crying as soon as I would put him down. Boy was I terrified! He was crying so frequently and so loud whenever I put him in his crib that I started thinking that something was wrong with his health.

So I talked to his pediatrist about this condition and he explained to me that there was nothing to worry about – it is normal for babies to cry. I had already gotten used to this situation and having to constantly hold and carry him with me around the house, but it really bothered me that I couldn’t take care of my household chores as he was occupying my arms. That is, until a friend of mine gave me the best gift ever – a baby carrier. After using it for a while, I figured that a baby carrier is most certainly among the most important ‘new-mum must-haves’. Here’s why.



Having Ethan in the carrier, I got my hands free to perform daily household chores such as wash dishes, put the laundry away and even vacuum. When Noah came, the carrier also helped me fulfill the needs of Ethan while still being able to give Noah the closeness he needed.


When you have your little one in a baby carrier, you can walk around freely without worrying about steps, narrow aisles or crowds like you would if you had him in a stroller. Although baby strollers are also very convenient, sometimes they can be heavy and hard to maneuver with and some babies find them uncomfortable too. I’ve found my baby wrap especially handy when traveling by plane and having to take care of my baby and suitcase at the same time.

Relaxing for both moms and babies

Ethan loved it when I took him to the park which honestly tired me very much. But once I got the baby carrier, walking in the park became the best part of my day and I started enjoying it as well. Also, sometimes when we were out and he was naughty, nothing could calm him quite like breast feeding him. So, with all the drama surrounding breastfeeding in public, the wrap helped me to discreetly nurse him. I even used it once as a changing pad in an emergency case.


Health beneficial

Research has shown that when babies are carried close to their mothers, they get in tune with the sound of their heartbeat, the rhythm of their breathing and movements. The voice and the scent of their mothers keeps them happy and at ease in their new world. All this can help babies regulate their own physical responses. In other words, the carrier is like a ‘transitional womb’ for newborns.


Baby carriers can also help when your little one gets older. As a toddler, Ethan loved being in his carrier. When we were out of the house, it was comforting for him to be close to me and I also had a peace of mind knowing that my little one is safe and right next to me.