laptop case

Taking a Piece of Tech on a Camping Trip and Protecting It

You guys know we (read: my husband) recently got ourselves an RV. I was against the idea, but I have to admit that I’m actually starting to like our caravanning getaways. Caravanning with the family is a bonding experience of a kind – everyone has specific tasks, everyone can give their opinion, and therefore, everyone interacts much more than if we were staying in a hotel for example. Not to mention how happy I feel that at least those few days my kids are not staring at any sort of a screen but are instead active while exploring the wonders of nature.

Bottom line is: we all LOVE it! But as much as we want to escape the craziness of the urban world, we do have to stay in contact with it. We do have an agreement, though. No cell phones allowed; but since both my hubby and I are in the business world and must stay in contact with our clients, we had to allow the use of some sort of modern-world technology. Laptop won. But of course, me being the rational person in the house, I knew I needed to get some sort of protection for the it. Cookie crumbs and chocolatey fingerprints – that I got used to. Muddy puddles over the keyboard – now that is something I definitely wanted to prevent from happening.

To keep our computer safe during our caravanning adventures, I bought a hard laptop case. Avoiding bumpy roads while on a trip is basically impossible and all that shaking inside the vehicle can cause serious damage not only to laptops but also to any other kind of electrical equipment. A hard laptop case, due to its strong construction, keeps the laptop protected like any other case, so I don’t have to think about my computer’s safety while we are driving.

The model of hard case I chose is suited for both road and flight trips, which means I can also use it in case I decide to take my laptop with me on an airplane. It is built with a 10 millimeter A grade laminated ply and features a 50 millimeter pick and pluck foam filling that allows for self equipment customization. Although it isn’t a ‘stylish laptop case’, for me, in this case, sturdy construction and increased safety were the winner factors. The laptop case also came with well-organized, versatile compartments that help me save precious time trying to find what I need (laptop charger, USB, etc).

Since the kids don’t have easy access to the computer because it is kept in the ‘secure box’, when they want to play with it, they have to ask me. This ensures that before they touch the keyboard, their hands are clean, free of sand, mud or any other dirt they had played with before.