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A Word on Bunions: The Importance of Comfortable Shoes

Ageing is an inevitable process that most of us would much rather just ignore, pretend it’s not a part of life, it’s never going to happen to us, we’re always going to stay youthful, no wrinkles, no saggy parts, no greys.

This used to be my mindset until I became a mum. Motherhood is the proof there are more important things than ageing signs, however if there are things that do scare me about ageing it’s bunions.

Though they’re present in my family, I wasn’t aware of the danger until my mum had paid a visit to the doctor’s because her bunions had started bothering her, along with the constant aching.

As a worried mum she asked if there were chances for me to get them since both her and her sister as well as their aunts all deal with the problem and the answer wasn’t pleasant.

It made me think about the things I could do to prevent that from happening so the first thing that had to be changed were my shoes, ditching the old ones in favour of the versatile comfortable shoes.

Though I don’t wear high heels much, at least not as often as before, they’re still in the shape that’s not at all helpful in preventing bunions as they pinch my toes, so the features I’m now interested in are arch support primarily, then breathability and waterproofing and this goes for sneakers as much as for shoes with heels.

To be honest, up until my mum’s warning I wasn’t aware of how bunions appear and then I started doing my research along with seeking the doctor’s advice first and foremost in the aspect of choosing adequate comfortable shoes.

Feet change over time and those that are most at risk of developing bunions are flat with unstable arches which makes shoes without arch support not even a considerable option.

Along with paying more attention to my choices, I learned the importance of taking care of my feet because they go through wear and tear every day and that’s something I appreciate; I try to find something positive in every experience!

Also I found feet exercises to be more than essential such as those revolving around picking stuff from the floor with the toes. It’s become quite an interesting activity, I encourage Ethan and Noah to participate too especially since it’s great for strengthening the arches.

If bunions run in your family and you still have the luck of not having them, it’s advisable to do whatever you can to prevent them because once they appear they’re there to stay unless you opt for surgery.