Cross Back Chairs: The Answer to Your Interior Design Prayers

The life of a busy wife and mum who’s trying to get a hold of the mess her child creates at home, and the work of clients she has to take care of can sure be overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a rant post – I love my Matthew, and my fun job, it’s rather just making an observation as to what the day to day life of a sophisticated woman is. That being said, as much as I love playing with design work when it comes to other people’s homes, I don’t have the will to do so with mine as much as I’d want.

That is, until inspiration strikes, and in this post, I’m writing to share with you it came in the form of the intricate cross back chairs for sale. Lucky for me, I have a very understanding husband who is more than willing to motivate me to express my personality by customising our abode, and he absolutely loved my new obsession with these chairs. Of course, I also had the help of Eliza whose passion about occasional chairs sort of paved the way for my interior design transformation.

So why exactly have I been in a craze as of late about the cross back chairs for sale? Well, plenty of reasons actually. They can’t break your bank as much as other furniture pieces can, they make for considerable changes with the interior décor, and they are the excuse to welcome the vintage breeze in your living nest. Oh, and, did I mention they are ideal in any setting?

Whether you make them part of your living room, dining room, hallway, home office, reading nook, or even the deck, you can be sure on a jaw-dropping outcome; trust me, there’s no spot in my home where I haven’t used them – anywhere you place them, they can immediately add a new level of sophistication without even causing a stir as they perfectly match a variety of materials and styles.

There should be no surprise they make the luxurious addition to wedding ceremonies (and kids’ birthday parties!) as of late; the cross back, also known as X back, chairs are as versatile as can be in terms of colour, style, and features which simply goes to show why I grew to love them as much! And then, the thought they’re based on the old design of the eye-catching bentwood chairs of Thonet brings about positive feelings in me as I remember the careless days of my childhood spent in the aromatic kitchen of my grandparents, waiting for my grandmother’s savoury pies seated in one of those chairs.

Let’s admit it, we’re all more or less fans of grand interior makeovers, but it’s not always that most of us can afford to have them, yet when you invite the timeless beauty of these chairs, you can consider the makeover done as there are plenty of ways you can play with decorating them: from using cushions, to ribbons, and flowers, let your imagination guide you.