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Got a Desk Job? Get Your Hands on Ergonomic Wrist Rests!

Here we are, more than a year later, and we’re still living in a COVID-19 driven world. Unlike what many of us expected, me included, most aspects of our lives haven’t yet gone back to what they used to be. And for most people, their homes became their offices where all of the work and productivity happen on a daily basis.

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Despite the advantages such a work environment offers, like the ability to take breaks whenever it suits you to name one, the downfall is the majority of home offices lack the ergonomics actual offices have. To be able to make the most of work from the abodes, it’s obvious improving the level of comfort becomes a necessity.

Now, the ergonomic chair that provides the needed back support, and the sit stand desk that helps combat the sitting disease are two basic components, but certainly not the only ones you can count on. Taking into account we spend an increasing amount of time typing on keyboards and texting with smartphones every day, accessories like the smartly designed ergonomic wrist rest are a must especially when working at the desk.

Avoid/Cut the Risk of Repetitive Stress Injuries with Ergonomics

Regardless of whether you’re in need of more wrist support with the mouse, or the compact or regular-sized keyboard, you’re sure to easily come across a vast array of wrist rests and pads. Even if you don’t think it necessary to invest in such ergonomics just yet, because you’re lucky enough not to feel any discomfort or pain in this area, it’s better to be safe than sorry later on.

new ways of ergonomic sitting on the desk ergonomic keyboard wrist rest

Why let your job affect your quality of life and relationships? Think about it, the more you type, the more at risk you are from repetitive strain injury. While computer work seems a completely safe activity, many employees (6 out of 10 office workers) end up suffering from wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome because the repeated mechanical motion inflames the joints and tendons.

This then results in joint pain and swelling, and consequently leads to more sick leaves, lack of productivity and efficiency, reduction of the quality of work in general, and even dismissal. All this in addition to the risks of developing other work-related musculoskeletal disorders in the example of osteoarthritis, and RSI related disabilities with the forearms, thumbs, and fingers.

If you type and text daily, working 40 hours a week, or more, stuck at the desk, and are already feeling a burning sensation in your fingers and wrists, along with numbness, cramping, weakness or tingling, it’s high time you invested in an ergonomic wrist rest. In the long run, you’d see how it’s money well spent as you avoid numbing the pain with Ibuprofen or surgical procedures.

How Do Wrist Rests Help?

Created with particular attention to your well-being, the ergonomic designs of wrist rests function by absorbing all the pressure of impact while keeping a low profile so you don’t think they’re a nuisance, and offering you the support you need to stay comfortable as you work. This is key in preventing tissue damage as well as cutting the blood flow to your wrists.

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As the wrist rest ergonomics have non-skid rubber backing, you won’t have to worry about being interrupted with sliding pads throughout your work. Also, you won’t have to fret about getting the wrong design for your small or large hands since there are models that are fit for both thanks to the self-adjusting gel support. The contoured shape they come in is added with purpose as it encourages correct ergonomic position.

And lastly, the mouse and keyboard wrist rests are made from incredible materials, in the likes of lycra, polyurethane, and synthetic leather, that prevent friction irritation so you get just what you would want in a workstation to stay your healthy and productive self. While they’re all relatively easy to clean and maintain, you can take your desk cleanliness a step further choosing designs with microban antimicrobial protection to maintain your wrists germ-free.

A word of caution though, as there are more models of wrist rests you’re going to find at the ergonomic stores and retailers, it’s important that you take your keyboard and mouse into consideration so you make the right purchasing decision. Pick out models that are in the height and width as your keyboard/mouse setup, also focusing on how comfortable and flexible they are by paying attention to the materials they’re made from too.

A Couple of Tips

Getting the right ergonomic wrist rest is only part of the deal – you have to be sure you use it properly as well to be certain you’re doing the best you can with your health and well-being. Place the pads next to the keyboard and mouse, and prevent working with your wrists being at an angle differing from that of the hands.

the best ergonomic keyboard wrist rest

Don’t forget to also keep an eye on your posture, sit up and keep the wrists and forearms straight. Every now and then, get in the habit of giving yourself short breaks to stretch both the wrists and hands. This little bit of exercising would help you avoid overworking them by increasing the blood flow, as well as protect them from pain and injuries.