A Few Words on Bedroom Décor, Sleep… and Trends

I’m sure you’d all agree, the bedroom is no longer considered simply the utilitarian room meant for sleep but rather a sanctuary, an oasis if you will, where you get to fully relax and fill up with energy. This is particularly so when you want to get quality sleep every night (yes, it’s possible – even when you have restless toddlers!), not just on occasion.

So, what have I learnt over the years of experience dealing with interior designing and décor? You have to adapt, going with the flow of trends, but instead of becoming their slave, accept only those that work for you and ignore the rest. A trend I’ve gotten used to is looking for bedroom furniture online. Though I wasn’t exactly open to it at first, having the chance to fit going on the quest for the ideal furniture pieces that catch my eye in my busy day to day schedule turned out to be just what I need. Besides, it suits my pocket too.


When buying bedroom furniture online, what I love about the experience is it feels like getting to visit furniture stores, instantly taking a look at their catalogues, choosing from a variety of designs, styles, brands, and materials, so I can fill up my bedroom décor with something accordingly with my taste, plus I get to do the purchase in no time.

Now, speaking more about trends, you can’t overlook tiny-home living. The fact it continues to grow in popularity is a reason more to pay attention to it. What I recommend is adopting this sort of lifestyle starting from your bedroom. I know, we can all be sentimental at times, and treasure more furniture pieces and items than we like to admit (I’ve seen it all in others’ homes!), but once you get to clear out all the clutter, you have more space for the essentials, thus you invite serenity into your abode.

A night of calm sleep and clutter never go well together, so do yourself a favour and get on with sorting out everything that should make it in the rubbish bin, separating it from what your bedroom can’t do without. Even if you don’t like minimalism, you have to admit this is acceptable as it has to do with your own good, your utmost relaxation, and sleep. And, you get to teach your children a valuable lifestyle lesson! When you only have room for essentials, you have more of your budget to spend on something durable, and of quality.

In this aspect, I’d also advise you to be more prudent when doing the furniture shopping; instead of only going for style, go for practicality too, buying pieces that offer more storage space. For instance, why choose simple dressing table, and bedside table, when you can go for those that have more drawers?

Don’t forget to ask yourself which colour speaks most to you when it comes to comfort and relaxation, and simply surround yourself with it. While for some people light soft neutrals are what brings them serenity, others find that in dark colours. Playing with colours, and fabrics is all about filling up your bedroom with more texture. And, when you feel like the space could do with some decoration, seek for the bedroom-suitable plants; the beauty of nature always makes the perfect decorating option.