Closet Talk: Types of Clothes a Woman Should Have

It’s no secret women love to shop for clothes and shoes. In fact, the market has always used this knowledge ingeniously by luring us to shop for more clothes and more shoes than we plan on having with clever marketing strategies.

As psychology explains, the only way to get men to understand this urge for shopping is if we compare it to their love of sports. While not every woman falls prey to splurging on new outfits, it’s true that most of us like the thought of acquiring something new to boost our looks and self-esteem.

When you become a wife and mum, you gain more responsibility and learn how to control these urges and expenditures. Still, this doesn’t mean you completely get over shopping sprees. One of the strategies I’ve used for quite some time now to help me acquire the significant pieces for my closet is purchasing the basics from a well-stocked ladies apparel store that’s got a variety of designs and discounts.

Instead of giving in to the latest fads which might easily wane in popularity, I choose the very staples of wardrobe. I don’t have to tell you it’s also the best approach a woman could have when it comes to lowering her costs. Now then, what are these basics I’m talking about that every woman should have?


Little black dress

Okay, this is one of the most obvious must-haves: the little black dress. The reason it’s become a wardrobe staple over the years stems from the fact it’s perfect for any occasion, be it during the day or night. This is so because it’s very easy to style it up and down with the chosen set of accessories, in the likes of jewellery, bags, and of course hats.

Don’t even get me started on shoes! A pair of high heels can immediately give a more elegant look to your little black dress than a pair of flat sandals. You can easily make it fit for summer season if you team it up with the perfect summer hat, the fedora, or winter in case you combine it with denier footed tights and your favourite pair of comfortable shoes like boots.

Another reason every woman loves this dress lies in its variety. Regardless of what your style is, you’re sure to find the perfect little black dress for you at the reliable brick and mortar and online women’s clothing stores. There’s a wide range of designs you can choose from: dresses that ooze appeal with gorgeous lace details, dresses that speak of a rebellious spirit with cut-out details, followed by dresses with more day to day button ornaments, dresses with high necks, dresses with and without sleeves… you name it.

They also vary in the fabrics they’re made from. Depending on what you most like to wear, what you feel comfortable and desirable in, you’ve got options like cotton, leather, satin, and one of my favourite fabrics, linen.

Quality Denim

Woman wearing jeans

No matter how many trends come to the runways and leave the fashion scene, denim is one of the few certainties we can have that always remain popular and fashionable. Taking this into consideration, I choose my denim pieces with utmost care because I want them to be equally eye-catching and durable so that I can wear them time and time again.

Over the years, I’ve comprised a nice denim collection which consists of entire outfits, from classic pieces like button-up skirts, and high waist straight leg jeans, to a midi dress, shirts, a jacket, and an ultra-stylish romper. Another piece that I’ve recently added in my closet which I’ve purchased from one of my favourite ladies apparel store is an oversized shirt that I love to wear as a jacket too.

Same as with the black dress, it’s easy to style denim pieces up and down with the help of a chosen set of accessories, and again they’re fit for any occasion you can think of. I know, this may raise some eyebrows because denim isn’t exactly viewed as the choice for special events, but it can be.

I have my light, faded blue denim pieces perfect for daytime outfits, worn with sneakers, sandals, and ballet flats, as well as tops like white T-shirts, bodysuits, and tanks for any casual outing. The darker denim is reserved for special events, either work-related, date nights, or more formal family gatherings, and I pair it with my most elegant and expensive jewellery for extra bling.

To top it off with an equal amount of style, my silk off-the-shoulder tops and one of my fancier blazers are the ideal matches. Which leads me to the next staple.

Statement Blazer

Statement blazer

If you’ve ever wanted to know what the workhorse is in a woman’s closet, it’s the blazer. One of the reasons it’s so essential for any woman it’s the way it can pull together any look, even the simplest of looks consisting of light blue denim, a simple white T-shirt, and a pair of sneakers. Thankfully, a resourceful ladies apparel store would provide you with plenty of options when it comes to designs, fit, fabrics, and colours.

Regardless of the occasion you find yourself preparing for, there’s the ideal blazer that can help you achieve a more lady-like look with a dose of sophistication. Blazers are great for wearing as a top with your special gowns, as much as with your 9-to-5 outfits, and your concert essentials. Find the one that matches most of your tees and blouses, and you’ve got yourself the perfect statement piece!