Will the Real Ryan Williams Please Stand Up: Helping Your Kid Scoot Just Like His Idol

With school, family and social schedules being so demanding, finding a sports activity that fits Ethan’s limited free time has become quite difficult and as of late, we’re not even trying to find one anymore. Luckily, Ethan is into scooting and that gives him a chance to be active for as little or as long as he wants. In fact, since he got a scooter as a present from ant Jade for his 5th birthday, nothing else seems to interest him more than that, it has become his favorite pastime.

Since he’s getting really good at it, when time allows it, I take him to the park where there are various scooter ramps he can practice his movements on. His dream now is to become the famous scooter-riding Ryan Williams. For the past few weeks, Ethan has been driving his dad crazy, urging him to build a scooter ramp so he can practice his movements more often. Because my husband has been really busy lately, instead of building one, we decided to buy Ethan a scooter ramp.

The scooter ramp we bought Ethan is designed to gain speed quickly, which is great for performing tricks in limited areas and this is what makes it a great option for homes. It features a traditional design and a classic woodwork finish, not as cool as a kid would expect it to be perhaps, but we could use some painting to make it appear more personalized. What matters is that it is built with materials that are sturdy and reliable enough to withstand outdoor use. Sturdy, reliable and built for everyday use, it is a good option to enhance Ethan’s skills and abilities in a rather safe setting.

The ramp came boxed with illustrated manual, which made assembling it a piece of cake. The kit also included caster wheels located in the back which makes the ramp easily portable. With a price tag of $ 419.99, it was a relatively cheaper option for a first go.

Having a scooter ramp in our backyard now not only allows Ethan to runs his scooter whenever he has free time, but it also gives me peace of mind knowing that he is playing under my supervision, away from the threat of various possible accidents out in the streets.

And because we picked a good quality ramp, this also enhances the safety of the whole exercise and I can rest assured knowing that Ethan is practicing on a professionally built sporting device that minimizes the chances of injury.