Hot Tub

From Hot Tub Repair to Gratitude: An Unexpected Life Lesson

Have you ever stopped what you were doing just to thank God for all the things you have in your life? I have though not as often as I’d like and it’s made me think it’s something I should do every day.

It’s easy to get carried away by your daily tasks, especially when you’re busy with work and your kids are younger, but there’s no excuse to avoid reflecting on life and being grateful. Apart from the gratitude I have for having the family and friends by my side, as well as my great job and my lovely home, I’m also happy I’m living a life of quality.

As you know, I used to suffer from discomfort and joint pain, something that’s not an issue anymore, no longer affecting my mood, my sleep and relationships badly thanks to having the chance to reap the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub every day.

It shames me to say it but somewhere along the line I started taking the tub and its effects for granted, despite the way it’s helped me with the pains and how it provided us as a family with a chance to spend quality time together having fun. It took a need for repair with the pump to realise how important of a role the tub had gotten for us.

Luckily hiring the hot tub and swimming pool service from professionals allowed us to get back to our daily hot water healthy and fun routine faster than expected. My husband didn’t even dare try to repair it out of fear of doing more harm than good, as much as he likes to be the family handyman because of how valuable the tub is for us.

When you decide to make this kind of purchase, you focus on the price, the models and the features yet if you want my advice, think of where you buy the tub from primarily. It’s an investment that’s supposed to serve you for years and you can’t allow yourself to risk it, having a long repair keep you from enjoying.

We were happy to purchase from a trustworthy company with reliable spa and swimming pool service backed with specialist knowledge and years of experience in the industry so the repair was taken care of in a timely manner and didn’t cost us much. Additionally, we might consider getting their help with filter cleaning, at least in the days when we’re super busy.

A lesson to be learned from this? Don’t wait for a problem (or repair as in my case!) to arise to start being thankful.