Chandeliers decor

Chandeliers: Give Your Home Interior a Decorative Edge

When it comes to adding some personality to a space in the home, people often paint the walls, buy some extra scatter pillows, add some more ornaments. What many don’t realize, however, is the difference the right chandelier light fixture could make to a room. Aside from being versatile, chandeliers offer many other benefits.

Benefits of Chandeliers


Add Interest to the Room

No other lighting fixture can compete with the elegance and beauty of a chandelier. Although you can use the colour of lights to add beauty and warmth to a room, that only works when the lighting is on. A stunning chandelier handing down from the centre of your ceiling, on the other hand, is a focal piece of its own, adding interest to the entire room, emitting elegance even when it’s switched off. 

Versatility at Its Finest


When people hear about chandeliers, the first question that comes to their mind is: Do people still use chandeliers? It is true that in the past, traditional chandeliers were only suitable for certain kinds of designs. This explains why people weren’t crazy about them, as not all homes were designed in those styles. Although ornate crystal chandeliers don’t look good in modern and urban decor settings, the modern shapes and designs of chandeliers are just like side table furniture – they fit any decor

Chandeliers are now available in different shapes and sizes, and manufacturers also produce them using different materials, like metal and brown glass, making them much more stylish and more versatile than the traditional models. They can be everything from quirky and eccentric to minimalistic and elegant. 


With fixed lighting fixtures, you can’t change anything because they are, well, fixed. Chandeliers, on the other hand, can be installed to suit your preferences. Whatever height you prefer it to be hanging, you can adjust it to suit your exact needs. You also don’t have to drill holes in the wall, so every time you want to redecorate and change the way things are in the room, you have to fill those holes. By being hung from the ceilings, chandeliers don’t take up any space on your wall or cause any damage to them. 

How to Choose the Right Chandelier for Your Home? 


One of the best parts of shopping for a chandelier light fixture is finding a style you adore for your home. While there are no rules for chandelier design – picking the best chandelier for your home is totally a matter of taste. However, there are some things you’ll want to consider. 

The first of them is the decor style of the room. Is it traditional, modern or a blend of the two? Perhaps, it may be rustic, minimalist or ornate. Once you’ve identified the room’s style, decide whether you want the chandelier to flow with the decor style or balance it. For rooms that are highly ornate, decor experts recommend choosing simpler chandelier lighting to avoid overdecorating. For rooms with a decor theme, like a rustic industrial theme, you may want to complement the design with a matching chandelier. 

You’ll also want a chandelier to feature material or colour that appears prominently in the decor. For example, if your dining table has wrought iron legs, you may want a wrought iron chandelier; for a powder room with a vanity table and a glass mirror, a miniature chandelier with dangling crystals will get a great fit.
The chandelier should also either reflect or balance the room’s style and colour scheme. For a vintage room, consider an ornate crystal feature; for space with minimal decor, a pendant chandelier in a bright colour will draw the eye; for a vintage room, an ornate crystal fixture can be a great choice. 

Aside from style, another important factor to consider when choosing a chandelier is size/scale. A chandelier that is too big or too small for the room can lead to a disproportioned look in your space. For instance, a 75 cm tall chandelier handing in the centre of a room with a 2,40 cm ceiling will feel very low in the space, not to mention how strange it will also look. A chandelier that is too small will cause the room to look unbalanced. Remember that when in doubt, it’s always better to error on the large size as chandeliers are statement pieces anyway. 

Last but not least, you will want to make sure that the light emitted by the chandelier isn’t glary. It can be quite uncomfortable having the glare of a bright bulb coming directly at your face while you are sitting at a dining room table. Chandeliers can come with concealed or exposed bulbs. If the chandelier you choose come with exposes bulbs, consider adding a dimmer to give you control of the light output.