How to Treat Fine Lines – Wrinkle Wrinkle Go Away Come Again Another Day

This morning I had a discussion with myself while staring at my reflexion in the mirror: is it just the sun shining so bright that I can literally see the skin cells on my face, or I am actually seeing the first fine lines? I took a closer look at my face and I literally experienced one of those mini-heart attacks: am I getting… old?!

Regardless of the fact that it was only 10 a.m. I poured myself a glass of rose just to calm my nerves and started thinking about how the appearance of the first fine lines on a woman’s face can be really disturbing. It’s not that my face is full of wrinkles and I’m old, but I did get that feeling you know…I realized I was getting older. So I decided I was going to perceive this matter simply as an evolutionary process – me becoming a graceful lady.

And while this rather reasonable explanation of the latest changes on my face seemed very acceptable and kind of cute, I wasn’t ready to just allow these fine lines to deepen and turn my face into a dried sea sponge. It’s pretty much every woman’s sworn duty to make everything that’s in her power to stop the process of ageing, despite knowing that there’s no way to avoid it. However, there is a way to delay it for a certain period of time.

I am already using all kinds of natural oils and moisturisers to keep my skin fresh and glowing, but massaging it in special morning and night facial routines is just not enough. Even if you drink lots of water, eat healthy and take vitamins, it is still not enough. So I thought it won’t hurt me to pay a visit to a skin and beauty clinic and see what the face specialists have to say.


I know Eliza went through one such experience in a skin and beauty clinic, so I talked to her about it and realized we were facing the same issue. Her skin does look much better after the treatment: no signs of dryness, good texture and a nice tan. If I was to judge by her skin, I would definitely say it’s worth it. There are a few facial procedures that can help you to get rid of certain facial fine lines:

  • Microdermabrasion – this is a non-abrasive procedure for removing the outer layer of your skin (which is mostly dead skin cells) and revealing the younger, more healthy-looking skin layer. It’s performed with the use of diamonds or microcrystals.
  • IPL skin rejuvenation – this is a laser skin rejuvenation treatment, and it’s a safe procedure for treating vascular redness, pigmented brown spots and sun damage. It improves the collagen structure of the skin, resulting in a more younger-looking appearance.
  • Collagen reduction therapy or scar reduction therapy– these are also known as skin needling procedures that use small needles (pins) to stimulate the body’s collagen or the fibrotic scar tissue. Once the needles touch the skin and actually scar it, the body’s collagen is activated and starts the healing and regenerating process.

For starters, I’ve decided to make an appointment for microdermabrasion, as it sounds like the most basic procedure for beginners in the area. At least it’s how I see it, like a professional facial peeling that removes more than just the make up leftovers. And once the skin is clear and refreshed, it’s much easier to take good care of it and have that glowy and healthy looking appearance that instantly makes you feel better as well. It certainly is worth the try.