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Bedside Bassinet: Provide a Cozy Spot for Baby to Sleep

Deciding what to buy for your baby is quite a difficult task. A lot of times you’ll find yourself stuck trying to decide what practical baby care products a parent should have. You’ll need to choose baby clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes, bottles, and so many other essentials. But one of the most important things is deciding where will your newborn sleep.

For parents, creating the perfect nursery to welcome their baby is definitely one of the most exciting parts of the nine-month expecting journey. However, having your baby sleeping in your room in the first months can be very beneficial. You can keep a closer eye on your little one and know that, as you rest, your baby is in the same room having a good night’s sleep. Still, experts don’t recommend that you let your baby sleep in the same bed as yours and cover him/her with your everyday blankets. That is because this may increase the chances of SIDS. To ensure that your little one gets a good night’s sleep, invest in a bedside bassinet.

Is a Bassinet Needed?

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In the first few months of your baby’s life, both of you will be going through major changes and adjustments. One way you can make the transition from womb to the world a little easier on your baby is with a bassinet. A bassinet helps create the warm womb experience your baby was used to and loved so much.

Furthermore, a bassinet is incredibly convenient. Instead of groggily stumbling down the hall to your baby’s room when you hear them on the monitor, you can just reach over for them. This allows you to attend to your baby’s needs much quicker, which should result in a lot less crying. Less crying will also help you and your baby to get back to sleep quicker.

If you had a C-section, you need bed rest for a full and successful recovery. Taking care of your young baby from the comfort of your bed is easy with an infant bassinet, which minimises your movements and the number of times you’d have to get up.

How to Choose a Bassinet?

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When shopping for a bedside bassinet, it’s important to keep in mind that your baby won’t use it for long, so focus on the features that will serve you best during that short time.


One of the greatest things about bassinets is their compact size and weight, which makes them easy to move around the house so the baby can always be close to you. A sturdy set of wheels makes this even easier. A bassinet that can be folded or disassembled quickly will be convenient for storage or travel. Ensure that the folding parts and attachments are solid and of great quality.

Mattress Support and Firmness

It’s crucial that the mattress is well supported. The mattress support should be strong enough to hold your baby without bending. The whole mattress should be held up by the supports. To find out if there is any spot that dips easily, press along the mattress edges and in the middle. There shouldn’t be a hammock effect to prevent your baby from suffocating.

Keep in mind that it’s recommended for babies to sleep on a sturdy surface. Make sure the bassinet’s mattress isn’t heavily padded to prevent your baby’s face from sinking into it. The bassinet’s mattress should also fit very snugly inside the bassinet.

To Rock or Not to Rock?

A rocking bassinet can be nice, but it comes with safety hazards not found in stationary bassinets. Once your baby learns to move around a little or rollover, the weight shifting could allow enough tilt that your baby can become trapped against one side. If your baby’s face gets pressed against the side, this could pose a risk of suffocation. Considering that babies often gain their rolling over skills quickly, you may not even realize that your baby is at risk. A good option could be a bassinet with a rocking feature that locks so that the bassinet can also be used in a stationary mode.

Weight and Age Limits

Bassinets usually have a weight limit of 7-10 kilos. Some models will have increased capacities but keep in mind that weight is not the only way babies outgrow their bassinets. Many babies will outgrow the bassinet before they reach the weight limit. So, check the instructions for the weight limit and other advice about when to discontinue using it.

When to Move Baby from Bassinet to Crib?

Move Baby from Bassinet to Crib?
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For your child’s safety and how well they will sleep in the future, you must transition your baby from the bassinet to a regular crib at the right time. According to experts, the ideal age for that is when your little one is four months old. This’s generally when parents see the first big steep in gross motor development skills such as rolling side to side or all the way to their tummy by themselves. When babies become able to move themselves, new safety concerns arise, and you don’t want to wait for something potentially dangerous to happen before you act to protect your child.