Got Brown Thumbs Like Me? Lay Your Hands on Succulents!

I’ve always admired people with green thumbs because I’ve never considered myself to be one.

Growing up, I had the example up close thanks to my mother; she’s still so dedicated to taking care of her luscious garden, teaching me how to tend to plants’ needs, but after having her hand me over the responsibility for several plants and watching them die out one after the other when I was a teenager, I figured I just wasn’t made for gardening.

Having a chat with Jade recently and getting her friendly and professional advice, shaming me on my fake flower décor (what are friends for, right?) I finally started reconsidering getting rid of them and finding the suitable low-maintenance and resilient natural alternative.

After hours of searching, analysing plants, I felt succulents were created just for me, and the unique opportunity to buy wholesale succulents online I stumbled upon hooked me instantly.

Since I didn’t know much about succulents, to begin with, I opted for a pack of green succulents, leaving it to the nursery to surprise me so that’s how I got myself acquainted with the Aloe and Gasteria family.

My primary fear was not watering them enough but knowing how drought tolerant they are, quickly I learned they do well with me forgetting to water them from time to time.

The more mass the leaves have, the more water they require, simply said, and that’s how I know which need more watering and which are best left with less.

They’re so easy to take care of, even Ethan and Noah have their own succulents they’re responsible for without my help, and it’s knowing how low-maintenance these plants are that rids me of the worry of serial plant killing in our home.

I counted on their help with preparing for the arrival of the plants too by sorting the planters, drilling holes for the drainage and filling them up with draining soil, then chose the sunny spots for all of them.

You might as well guess by now I’ve used more of the wholesale succulents online purchase to get a variety of succulents, like Haworthia marginata of the Tulista genus and Kalanchoe pumila from the Crassulaceae family, for a versatile interior décor of greenery.

It’s fun gardening as a family, even if it’s taking care of small succulents, as it means spending more time together learning about plants and reaping the benefits of getting our hands dirty with soil.

Unlike other plants, these tiny babies keep producing oxygen throughout the night too which is why they make the perfect addition to the bedrooms as well. They purify the air so much, in fact, they even help reduce flu-like symptoms so I decided to have them in every room at home.

Now I know why they’re so popular!