Tote Bags and I – Love Not To Hide

I never thought my clothing style will eventually change; I always thought that once you create a style of your own, you simply upgrade it according to the latest trends and of course, your needs. But when Matthew came along, everything changed; I realized I needed a lot more pieces that I can instantly change and carry in my bag. Along with that came the need for larger womans tote bags – no more minimalism! Bottom line, becoming a mother brought me a lot of changes I needed to incorporate in my existing style, which means I had to go shopping for new shirts and bags.

Speaking of bags, I have to say that just like any fashionably aware woman out there, I have a full closet of them. Some of them were really good investments, while others I got simply because of their great looks (my designer eye sometimes can’t resist a really good colour pattern and shape). Mainly, I leaned towards the minimalistic side of fashion; no large tote bags, but small envelopes I could wear during day and night and over the shoulder. They were practical for my needs; along with a dozen of interior design magazines and a folder of documents I always carry for my job, the bag served me mainly to accommodate my keys, phone, small tablet and a lipstick. I love the comfort that these bags offer, but I’m also aware that some outfits simply require a larger tote. So now, with a little child and a job, I definitely find the large tote bags my new partner in crime.

I can name three womans tote bags off the top of my head that are both stylish and functional and I use most frequently in order to go through a busy day without worrying whether I have with my all I need for the day.


The green Petra tote by Condura

I have so much clothing pieces in beige and brown nuances that this green colour complements perfectly. In combination with a nice green or red scarf, this tote is in my hands every time I need to go to a meeting with a client, run errands around town or go shopping the entire day and have to take Matthew with me. It’s large and it has a sturdy construction with sturdy handles which is perfect, having in mind all that I carry in it: sunglasses, wallet, my ready-to-go makeup bag, a large package of wet wipes, a sanitizer and of course, some of Matthew’s stuff: a bottle of water or juice, an extra t-shirt and a toy like a small figurine to keep him busy.

The black Kathy tote

When I’m in a serious hurry and have no time to combine and try out outfits, I simply go with the black Kathy tote – the black handbag which can complement any outfit. This one is also large, perfectly structured like a very small box you can put so many things in and carry it with you. It has top carry handles, plus an adjustable strap in cases when you need both your hands to hold your child and talk on the phone, for example. I can even put an extra t-shirt for me in it, because sometimes Matthew knows exactly how hard to hit my hand so the entire content of his lunch box splashes on my clothes.

The purple Elizabeth tote

This one is a little more on the sporty side. It is a lot larger than the previous two, and I don’t wear it with high heels. I often combine it with my purple loafers, black sneakers as well as with other very casual, relaxed outfits like nice jeans and a t-shirt. Since this is a lot larger tote, I can literally pacxk in it the essentials for me and Matthew for an entire day out: extra t-shirts, wet wipes, diapers, food and bottles of water and juice, his favourite toy and mummy’s makeup bag, sanitizer, the notebook I always carry for writing down ideas, and of course, the wallet, keys, phone and phone charger.


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