Plantation Shutters: The Window Treatment I’d Always Choose in the Blink of an Eye

Curtains and draperies have never appealed to me maintenance wise and I don’t like the way blinds operate, so I opted for a temporary solution in the form of shades. This year, however, I realized I lost track of time and they had remained on my living room’s windows a bit longer than planned. They looked really nice and all, but House Hunters had already planted an idea in my head – plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters have the widest elliptical shaped louvers (usually from 2½ to 4½ inches) in comparison to the other types of shutters. This is why I got my mind set on them initially – the wider slats make for a more dramatic architectural statement. In contrast to other types of window treatment, shutters combine sophistication and functionality and that works perfectly in contemporary settings.

The wooden window shutters I chose are made of basswood which is a lightweight hardwood that has a consistent colour paired with a tight grain and these features enable them to naturally resists moisture.

Their energy efficient design is yet another thing to look forward to because who doesn’t want gorgeous money-saving additions to their home? My shutters were sized to fit my living room’s windows so there are no gaps around the outside and I recommend not skipping this step when opting for such window treatment.

Another two in one aspect of these shutters is the amount of light you can let in by adjusting them one way and the level of privacy when adjusting them differently. They can, in fact, be angled in such a way that makes it possible for the person inside to see what’s out there, while no one from outside can have a peek. Convenient, right?

As a busy mom, if something can get me on board for sure, that’s the idea of saving time. And it’s not like there weren’t enough reasons as it is, but what furthermore convinced me that wooden window shutters are the right choice for me is how low maintenance they are. An occasional dusting is all I need to do to have them look great for years to come.

Finally, since they require neither strings nor cords, they are safe for children and there is no danger of a child ending up tangled. And if I ever decide to move and sell my current home, I’ll be able to get a better price for it as the shutters blinds will increase its value.