In With Natural Makeups: The Change Your Skin Will Thank You For!

When life gets in the way, you don’t have as much time for pampering as you used to, and I find that to be wrong; every woman needs the time for herself. Not only is it rejuvenating, it’s de-stressing too, and even if you don’t have as much time to squeeze in your tight schedule, you can add five to ten minutes a day to massaging your face, cleansing it thoroughly then applying the suitable moisturiser.

That’s what I started doing. When Matthew came along, I literally forgot what skin care was, let alone makeup. Sure, makeup doesn’t make a woman womanly but it sure enhances the beauty and sure enough the self-esteem too.

After years of buying whatever came at hand without paying much attention to it, then dealing with rashes not knowing why they appear, I decided the comeback of makeup would be at the benefit of my skin so I welcomed natural makeups into my life.

Instead of doing so gradually, product after product, I knew I had to make the change right away with every product, from foundation, bronzer, and blush, to mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, lipgloss, makeup removers and nailpolish; out with the chemical based, in with the organic!

natural makeups

As it’s said, curiosity killed the cat, and my curiosity in finding out what happens when we use conventional beauty products killed my dependence on them for good. Unlike natural makeups that are made of organic ingredients, full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and oils, chemical products are loaded with chemicals such as parabens, aluminium, phthalates, lead, toluene, avobenzone, and petroleum among others.

Apart from the occasional skin irritation that can appear, conventional makeup causes eye irritation as well, including serious issues with the endocrine system, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. Natural products, of course certified organic, are great for the skin, and depending on the specific product they can even renew cells, softening and providing anti-ageing benefits.

Thanks to the carefully chosen ingredients, particularly minerals, organic makeup protects the skin from the damaging UV rays, making it less susceptible to ageing, more youthful and elastic. Furthermore, it’s neither harsh nor dangerous, and it smells nice.

I couldn’t be happier I made the change, as I see the difference with my skin, and I no longer have to worry about health risks. Of course, the change of makeup products inspired me to continue with the replacement, so conventional deodorants, sunscreen, and shampoo had to go too.